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5 Social Media Lessons We Can Learn From Sharks

By Keith Murray

Sharks. The most feared predator in the deep blue sea, and this shouldn’t be a surprise as to why. They have been around for millions of years, always adapting and evolving. So why should social media strategists care? Continue reading

5 Facebook Marketing Resolutions To Make In 2014

By Tim Bosch

From unpublished page posts to custom audiences, 2013 has been a year of dramatic changes for Facebook Marketers. In 2014, concentrate on these 5 things and you’ll be off to a great start!
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2013 Social Media Wish List

Dear Santa,

Another year, another wish list. Not all, but many of my wishes have come true over the years! We’ve seen conversation on Twitter, we’ve seen document uploads on Facebook, and we’ve even seen analytics on Pinterest. This year I have a new list of wants and needs for social media in 2014. Santa, please deliver! Continue reading

Why You Should Take Advantage Of Small Business Saturday

By Michele Weisman

Imagine the following scenario: It’s 5:00 AM on Friday November 29th, and just a few hours before, you enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving family dinner. Your body tells you that you should sleep but your mind is focused on a list of deals and doorbusters at the shopping centers and mall. Do you brave the long lines and risk getting trampled? Continue reading

Why Brands Should Be Thankful for Pinterest this Holiday Season

By Amanda DiAntonio

There is a good chance you’ll hear the classic question: “What are you thankful for?” at least once this week. But let’s be more specific – “What social network are you thankful for?” – for many brands, the answer could and should be Pinterest; especially this holiday season. After all, Pinterest shoppers spend $140-$180 per order and with 70 million users…well, you do the math. Continue reading

3 Ways Your Brand Can Stand Out During the Holidays

By James Reichert

Half-way through November already? Time certainly does fly…especially in the fourth and final quarter of the year. By this time social media marketers have already began brainstorming what may be their last big push before the end of 2013, their “holiday campaign.” This is typically a very busy time of year for brands on social media since 65% of shoppers use social media platforms to find the perfect gift. There are a number of things that each respectful person on your social media team should keep in mind as they prepare to ring in the New Year with a buzz-worthy initiative that will stand out among the plethora of holiday campaigns.

Here are three ways you can help your brand stand out during one of the busiest times of the year.

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3 “Horrifying” Social Media Blunders & Their Lessons

By Mike Mitchell

Happy Halloween, everybody. Today marks the culmination of a season filled with grim tales, gory costumes, and the word “hobgoblin.”

But if you work in social media, then ghosts, vampires, and werewolves wearing varsity jackets don’t give you nightmares – the thought of your brand saying the wrong thing does.

Such a mistake, made on a digital platform where everyone can see, actually can haunt you. In the spirit of checking out scary things, let’s look at a few social media missteps, so that we may avoid repeating them. Continue reading

3 Tips For Planning Your Holiday Campaigns

By Dylan O’Shea

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and with it come the hordes of advertisers all vying desperately for your attention.  This year consumer spending is expected to increase 11% during, so it’s no wonder so many brands are flooding the market with holiday campaigns that feature great deals and offers.  But with all of these brands competing, how do you make sure your holiday campaign gets noticed?  Continue reading

4 Brands That Did Mother’s Day Campaigns Right

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

It’s no surprise that during key holidays, social media is heavily populated with branded campaigns–and Mother’s Day is no exception. While children were preparing to have special days with their mothers, filled with flowers and brunches, brands spent months planning to reward their customers and communities (and their mothers). Here are four of our favorites from this year: Continue reading

This Year Your Valentine Should Be…

By Cara Friedman

… your community! At Likeable, we often talk about gratitude and how it’s important to say thank you. Today is Valentine’s Day and typically today is spent spreading the love. As a brand with a social media presence, the most important thing you have is your community. Who better to share the love with today than your loyal fans and followers?! Want to show your community you really love them this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a couple things you can do: Continue reading