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Get Ready for Instagram Ads

By Tim Bosch Instagram ads will be coming within the next year, according to the social network. This is exciting news for brands who invest in great Instagram content. Since its start, brands have been restricted to only gaining growth organically through content creation and campaigns.

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6 Things You Should NOT Do On Instagram

By Emily Taing With over 150 million monthly active users and talks of the introduction of ads within the next year, Instagram is setting up their filter shop and looking to stay. According to Socialbakers, pictures have a higher average Engagement Rate (0.194%) than other post types (0.159%). As you brainstorm how to make an impact on this growing network, remember these [...]

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How to Capture Your Fans’ Attention Using Vine

By James Reichert  Vine’s most recent update added new features that have helped this video-sharing network strike back against Instagram. Since this update, Vine has climbed back into the top 10 most downloaded free mobile apps and now sits at #6 today (Instagram currently ranks at #13). So you’re wondering how to capture your fans’ [...]

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Is There Hope For @VineApp?

By Andi Barton Thursday’s Instagram video announcement ignited a great deal of buzz. Initial sentiment varied, but one theme surrounding the conversation was the fate of Vine. Once Instagram incorporated seamless video into its stream, Vine lost its differentiating appeal–and is now facing competition from one of the top social media networks. So this begs the question: [...]

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3 Reasons Why Instagram Video Shouldn’t Be A Surprise To Marketers

By Michele Weisman Today Instagram introduced a video feature to bring its 130 million active users a new way to share stories. When users launch the photo-sharing app, they will now see a movie camera icon, allowing them to enter video mode. Instagram’s videos are 15 seconds, more than double Vine’s video length. The network [...]

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And the Future of Social Media Is

By Dave Kerpen This past weekend to celebrate my daughter Charlotte’s 10th birthday, my wife and I took our daughters and three other 10 year-old girls on a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. We had an amazing time, but I’ll leave my review for Trip Advisor. Instead, I want to discuss [...]

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Why Your Fans Are Just Not That Into You

By Alexandra Ostrow You’re a smart, savvy marketer with a killer brand and a large fan following. And yet, the engagement on your page is far from ideal. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. The truth is: your fans are just not that into you. Here’s why.

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3 Ways to Create Brand Buzz on Instagram

By Shannon Maguire If a picture is worth a thousand words, an Instagrammed picture is worth a thousand hashtags. Between Instagram’s $1 billion price tag and hitting 100 million monthly active users in February, the photo-sharing app has more than proven its social worth. Yet unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram continues to be quite a mystery [...]

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How To: Instagram Your Brand’s Story

By  Ike Brooker Instagram has gone from being a question mark for brand content into being a great channel. It allows people to share their intimate moments with the world. Oh, and food. Lots. Of. Food. How does this work for a brand? Instagram seems to work best when it shows quick moments, behind-the-scenes, or [...]

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Instagood or Instabad? What Instagram’s New Policies Mean For You.

By Cat Thoreson Instagram released its new Terms Of Service (TOS) on Monday. While this may be of no surprise to you, what will ensue will be, because, quite frankly, no one knows. While many controversial clauses made their list of terms, none were more contested than the implication that users photos could be sold for [...]

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