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5 Essential Qualities of a Summer Intern

By Charlie Balk

Though Likeable Media has ended its official “Buzz Builder” internship program, we still rely heavily on the help of entry-level, part-time Associate Community Managers. These ACMs are an essential part of the company’s ability to provide round-the-clock active listening and engagement on behalf of our clients.

So how do we select the best and brightest who will be ready for the responsibility of managing communities? These are the “5 Ps” we look for — essential qualities of any successful summer intern.

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5 Tips For Building Consistency On Social Media For Job Seekers

By Brian Murray

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles about building your personal brand during your job search. One thing that is often left out is the importance of building consistency throughout your profiles. Large brands understand that in order to have their message ingrained in the minds of their target demographic, they must consistently use the same messaging. This is something any person can and must do. If you are using social to get a job you want your message to resonate and be memorable. Here are five tips for building consistency across your profiles.

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What Does Your Social Brand Say To Prospective Employees?

By Brian Murray

Information is abound and people are talking. Companies are not able to control what is said about them on the internet. Companies are only able to truly control what official properties say about them, but people can now dive in deeper–nobody is fooled by the jargon of corporate speak. Marketers certainly care about what customers and clients are saying, but I think management and Human Resources professionals should be obsessed with their Social Employment Brand. Below is a list of things to consider about your company’s social media if you ever plan on hiring someone.

10 Tips For Impressing Employers On Social Media

By Brian Murray

Here is a wonderful statistic via Jobvite that will only continue to go up: 73% of companies have successfully hired a candidate from social media. You are the sum of what you can do and who you know. When employers are hiring they are looking for someone who can do great work and communicate well.

Social media is a movement that is no longer about Facebook or Twitter but instead about communication. This is why your social profiles and interaction will impact whether or not you get a job. Continue reading

Career Highlights Won’t Be On Your Tombstone

By  Dave Kerpen

Last Sunday morning at 8:25 AM, I stood at Gate B5 in Memphis, Tennessee, tears streaming down my face as I watched my flight home to New York take off. I had been delayed by weather on a connecting flight from Nashville, and had arrived to the gate just two minutes after the doors had closed. So I watched the plane leave, standing there, knowing that I would be re-routed through Atlanta now, and instead of getting home before Noon, I wouldn’t be home until 5:00 PM. Realizing I would miss the entire weekend with my family, I was devastated. Continue reading

Stop Making This Mistake On LinkedIn (and Other Networks)

By Brian Murray

I’ve said many times that my favorite social network is Twitter. Last year I wrote an article about one mistake on Twitter that was causing people to miss out on reaching their audience. With the past year’s changes on LinkedIn, I think the network is quickly catching Twitter, especially for the professional. And–just as with Twitter–there is one mistake on LinkedIn that I see over and over and that has caused me quite a bit of frustration and confusion. Continue reading

3 Reasons To Work At Likeable

By Brian Murray

Likeable Media is growing and always looking for great people to join the team. We’re interested in beginning conversations with people who exemplify our core values of Drive, Passion, Transparency, Thought Leadership, and Adaptability. If you want to learn more about our culture and who we are, here’s a quick glimpse!

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3 Tips To Land a Job With Social Media

By Brian Murray

We all know the struggles of securing a job, especially when you aren’t currently employed. But with the openness of the internet and availability of connections, the job hunt can be made easier if you present yourself well and network appropriately. Getting started is simple and you’ll be well on your way to landing your “dream” job by the end of the day — who knows, it could even be with Likeable! Continue reading