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2 Templates for Responding to Strangers on LinkedIn

By John Kultgen

LinkedIn is a network where you showcase your greatest skills and achievements to people with whom you’ve worked and networked. That’s why I feel conflicted when people I’ve never met ask to connect with me.

I know what it’s like to try to aggressively advance your career. In fact, many people have great “I-met-a-stranger-it-lead-to-a-job” stories. However, whenever I receive an invitation from someone I don’t know on LinkedIn, a few things run through my mind and make me hesitant:

  • These strangers could be unprofessional people to work with. Am I possibly hurting my reputation?
  • 67% of users are located outside of the U.S. What’s the benefit of connecting twith someone abroad?
  • If someone asks me about my connection to a stranger, what do I say?

LinkedIn is aware of this issue and does its best to prevent rogue outreach. The network flags users that send strangers invitations and forces them to enter each future connection’s email address.

But I don’t think you necessarily need to go straight to reporting. I recommend one of two options.

#1 – If you’re open to networking via LinkedIn, send back a message before you accept in order to learn more about the person. Try this:

Hi [Name],

Thanks so much for reaching out! I don’t believe we’ve met in person (I’m sorry if I’m mistaken). Could you tell me a bit more about yourself and what you’re looking to achieve on LinkedIn through our connection before I accept? I’m always happy to help!


[Your Name]

#2 – If you don’t want to connect to people you haven’t met, I’ve come up with a method of rejecting people on LinkedIn without seeming like a total jerk.

I send the stranger this message:

Hi [Name],

Thanks so much for reaching out! I reserve LinkedIn for people I’ve worked with or met in person. May I ask what your goals are for reaching out? Would you like to connect in person?

Another option: I love to connect with people on Twitter. I’m [your handle]. Send me your handle and I’ll follow you!


[Your Name]

Twitter is a great place to share ideas with professionals in your industry and a more common place to associate with strangers. And don’t discount in-person networking; be open to meeting people at networking events or even coffee shops–but make sure that it’s a public place (just to be safe).

If you’re the one sending out these invites to strangers, be sure to know How To Not Get Blocked on LinkedIn.

And lastly, whether stranger or colleague, keep your LinkedIn network filled with quality connections that are relevant to your goals. You’ll definitely reap the benefits.

What’s your approach to receiving LinkedIn invitations from strangers? Let me know in the comments.

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4 Weirdest Things About LinkedIn

By Charlie Balk

With over 300 million users, LinkedIn is a social network that can’t be ignored. Even so, many people tell me that they don’t like LinkedIn because it’s “weird.” While I will agree that it’s a pretty strange network, keep in mind that by avoiding LinkedIn, you’re missing out on an opportunity. So, rather than letting LinkedIn’s quirkiness be a deterrent, join me in celebrating it.

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How to Use LinkedIn Publishing to Build Your Personal Brand

By Brian Murray

Earlier this year, LinkedIn opened their publishing platform to the general public. Posts will automatically be shared with your connections, making it easy to gain visibility. LinkedIn publishing is a must use platform for any professional. What you post will help build your business, your brand, and your resume. I actively use the platform, and have put together five tips for improving visibility, engagement, and quality. If don’t already have access, you can apply for early access by clicking HERE.

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Why LinkedIn Is More Valuable Than You Think [VIDEO]

LinkedIn has made significant changes in 2014, including opening its publishing platform to all of its 277 million members, introducing Showcase Pages, and allowing users to block anyone pestering them on the network. Now the leading network for professionals is assigning brands content-marketing scores in order to gauge the effectiveness of their posts to company pages, branded groups, employee posts, and “sponsored updates” ads.

In today’s episode of Carrie’s Corner, Carrie discusses why LinkedIn is the network to watch and what the context index score update means for your brand.

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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile

By Shannon Maguire

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and you know what that means: it’s time to open your windows, grab your brooms, and get to work — because unfortunately we don’t live in a Disney movie where adorable woodland creatures will clean the house upon a whistle. But why stop at clearing the clutter from your house? Only 50% of LinkedIn users have complete profiles, and you should want to be on the right side of that stat. It’s time to get rid of the digital clutter and clear the social cobwebs. Here are five ways to spring clean your LinkedIn profile:

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3 Ways To Make LinkedIn Work For You

By Brian Murray

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that LinkedIn is making major changes. Recently LinkedIn has opened up publishing to the world after the success of its LinkedIn Influencers program (if you don’t have it yet, you will shortly), improved the data and analytics of who has viewed your profile, and continued to make Pulse a place for content discovery.  Here are three features you can use today to impact your business tomorrow. Continue reading

How To Not Get Blocked On LinkedIn [VIDEO]

In today’s video, Carrie discusses LinkedIn, asking: Have you ever received a LinkedIn invitation from someone you don’t know who expects that you’ll accept the request? Continue reading

LinkedIn Opens Its Publishing Platform to Users

By Elana Lyn Gross


Image via The New York Times


The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, has opened its publishing platform to a select group of its 277 million members with plans to expand the capability in the near future. Continue reading

Taking Advantage of LinkedIn Showcase Pages: A Guide

By Kelly Byrd

The social platform and services updates are rolling in just in time for the end of the year.

Following the growth of LinkedIn Company Pages and their focus on original branded content, the network has introduced Showcase Pages for companies to feature brands, products and/or business units separately.

With 238 million members on LinkedIn, this is a big opportunity for anyone who works in/on branding, marketing, PR and, of course, social media.

Think this is a small announcement? You may be surprised by how important this network has become.

How to make the most of LinkedIn Showcase Pages:

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You’re Either LinkedIn or You’re Out: LinkedIn Best Practices

By Shannon Maguire

Are you on LinkedIn? If you said no, you are directly jeopardizing your career or brand growth. Why, you ask? Because, with 238 million members (40% of whom check the site daily), LinkedIn has become the standard for networking, resume building, searching for jobs, and now, searching for colleges.  However, it is not enough to simply have a LinkedIn profile. You must be active, approachable, and adaptable in two areas of LinkedIn: individual and branded.

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