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Why LinkedIn Is More Valuable Than You Think [VIDEO]

LinkedIn has made significant changes in 2014, including opening its publishing platform to all of its 277 million members, introducing Showcase Pages, and allowing users to block anyone pestering them on the network. Now the leading network for professionals is assigning brands content-marketing scores in order to gauge the effectiveness of their posts to company pages, [...]

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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile

By Shannon Maguire Yesterday was the first day of spring, and you know what that means: it’s time to open your windows, grab your brooms, and get to work — because unfortunately we don’t live in a Disney movie where adorable woodland creatures will clean the house upon a whistle. But why stop at clearing the [...]

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3 Ways To Make LinkedIn Work For You

By Brian Murray Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that LinkedIn is making major changes. Recently LinkedIn has opened up publishing to the world after the success of its LinkedIn Influencers program (if you don’t have it yet, you will shortly), improved the data and analytics of who has viewed your profile, and [...]

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How To Not Get Blocked On LinkedIn [VIDEO]

In today’s video, Carrie discusses LinkedIn, asking: Have you ever received a LinkedIn invitation from someone you don’t know who expects that you’ll accept the request?

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LinkedIn Opens Its Publishing Platform to Users

By Elana Lyn Gross   The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, has opened its publishing platform to a select group of its 277 million members with plans to expand the capability in the near future.

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Taking Advantage of LinkedIn Showcase Pages: A Guide

By Kelly Byrd The social platform and services updates are rolling in just in time for the end of the year. Following the growth of LinkedIn Company Pages and their focus on original branded content, the network has introduced Showcase Pages for companies to feature brands, products and/or business units separately. With 238 million members on [...]

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You’re Either LinkedIn or You’re Out: LinkedIn Best Practices

By Shannon Maguire Are you on LinkedIn? If you said no, you are directly jeopardizing your career or brand growth. Why, you ask? Because, with 238 million members (40% of whom check the site daily), LinkedIn has become the standard for networking, resume building, searching for jobs, and now, searching for colleges.  However, it is [...]

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Why Your Company’s Social Media is Failing

By Dave Kerpen The other day, I had an issue with my television service. As a social media author and CEO, I did the first thing that comes natural: I tweeted, and posted a complaint on the company’s Facebook page. To their credit, the company responded right away, apologizing and giving me a phone number [...]

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LinkedIn Gives Companies a Voice

By Shannon Maguire The networking powerhouse LinkedIn recently added a new (and welcomed) feature to its company pages. You are now able to act as your company while managing your profile and engaging with followers on the page. This new feature has given companies the ability to develop individual voices and personalities, helping to optimize a presence on [...]

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Career Highlights Won’t Be On Your Tombstone

By  Dave Kerpen Last Sunday morning at 8:25 AM, I stood at Gate B5 in Memphis, Tennessee, tears streaming down my face as I watched my flight home to New York take off. I had been delayed by weather on a connecting flight from Nashville, and had arrived to the gate just two minutes after [...]

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