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How To: Get Your Crazy Marketing Ideas Into The Budget

By Carrie Tylawsky There are a few things that tend to inhibit brands when they’re looking to launch a new marketing effort. Sometimes it’s scale – you want to do this, but you already have ten million things on your plate. Sometimes it’s restrictions, like it goes outside the legal boundaries of what you can [...]

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5 Things Brands Can Learn from Broadway

By Rachel Hadley As the TONY Award deadline rapidly approaches, the energy of this year’s Broadway shows are in full swing! This year’s newest additions to The Great White Way are taking to social channels and reaping the benefits. Below is a list of five things brands can learn from some of Broadway’s newest (or [...]

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3 Tips For Launching a Social Ambassador Program

By Rachel Pannullo In today’s competitive social marketplace, word-of-mouth marketing and referrals are valuable methods of increasing your customer base and potential purchasers.  More and more brands are launching social ambassador programs to more closely connect their brand with their customers. By identifying influential members within a target market, brands are capitalizing on the fact [...]

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4 Simple Ways To Generate Innovative Ideas

By Sam Sudakoff In a social world, where the attention span of the average consumer is diminishing by the second, brands need to think outside the box to stay ahead of the game. But as a marketer, when you’re so “in it” every day, it can be a struggle to stay inspired and continuously push [...]

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The Content Like Cycle [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Emily Taing As social media continues to grow in almost every market, one study states that in 2013, as many as 77% of Fortune 500 companies are active on Twitter  and 70% are engaging on Facebook. A company’s social media efforts are key to driving authentic interactions with an audience. The infographic below explains the “Content [...]

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Millennials: They’re Not That Bad

By Candie Harris Two hot topics in the industry today are 1) How to market to millennials and 2) How to manage their increasing numbers (and unique expectations)  in the workplace. Perhaps a question that marketers should be asking is: How can we use our own millennial team members as an integral part of our [...]

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3 Takeaways from 2013 Q4 Social Advertising

By Cassidy Bohan 2013 Q4 data showed significant growth for social advertisers, establishing major players like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter as valuable advertising platforms for marketers. Facebook, still leading the pack, saw ad budgets and ad ROI increase, along with referrals per visit (up 31% from Q3). Reports continue to release various growth statistics and rankings [...]

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3 Ways to Beat the Facebook Algorithm

By Shannon Maguire David Bowie’s hit “Changes” (you know, “Ch-ch-ch-changes”) should be Facebook’s theme song. After all, it seems that with each day comes another mysterious algorithm change that leaves us scrambling. Sure, you could constantly throw money at every piece of content to make it perform better, but should you really have to pay for fans [...]

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3 Tips For Scoring A Touchdown On Social Media During The Super Bowl

By Alex Benton On game day last year, the most noise didn’t come from the roar of the crowd in New Orleans–it came from Twitter. Users posted 24.1 million tweets about both the game and the halftime show, including 231,500 tweets per minute during the now infamous “blackout.” In fact, everybody seemed to have a 140-character [...]

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Top 5 Social Media Conferences To Attend In 2014

By Jo Hague Each year there’s an overwhelming number of social media conferences to take your pick from. I’ve researched and scheduled numerous speaking engagements and attendances for the staff at Likeable Media, so I know that there are some social media conferences worth going to over others. Here are my top five:

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