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How to Capture Your Fans’ Attention Using Vine

By James Reichert  Vine’s most recent update added new features that have helped this video-sharing network strike back against Instagram. Since this update, Vine has climbed back into the top 10 most downloaded free mobile apps and now sits at #6 today (Instagram currently ranks at #13). So you’re wondering how to capture your fans’ [...]

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Acquiring Social Media Followers with SMS

By Jessica Gaynor One of the best ways to achieve social media marketing goals is by integrating digital channels as part of a cross-channel promotional strategy. Though Passbook, mobile web, push, and voice all present viable options, one channel that performs exceptionally well while driving social media traffic is SMS.

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The Future of Social Media is in Your Pocket

By Mallorie Rosenbluth I recently had the privilege of keynoting Visit Salt Lake’s annual Social Media Seminar where the theme of the day was Social, Mobile, Local. My presentation touched on the profound impact mobile has had on social media and consumer interaction, as well as our ability as marketers to create rich media using nothing [...]

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Mobile online shopping- bah humbug!

By Becca Bellush I was ranting recently about the fact that people shop online…on their phone. The screens are so small, how do you see everything!? My colleague let me know this (and Bloomberg backed it up): online shopping is bigger than ever this year with expected sales of $43 billion. Cyber Monday sales grew 24 percent this [...]

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HOW TO: Like A Facebook Page Via Text Message

By Michele Weisman There are multiple ways to like a Facebook page. You can like a page from a friend’s timeline, a News Feed story, an ad, a sponsored story, or from Facebook search. Another way that is often overlooked is the ability to like a Facebook page via Facebook’s “text to like feature.” Brands, small businesses, celebrities, authors and political figures have the [...]

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Fitness Brands: How to Translate Offline Actions to Online Engagement

 By Alexandra Ostrow Your sneakers are built for support and speed? Yes. Your clothing promises all-season protection? Yes. So you’re all set; your brand is guaranteed widespread consumer attention and the word-of-mouth (WOM) endorsement of your current customers, right? Not quite. In a crowded space where brands are constantly competing for customers’ attention, how do [...]

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Three Great Apps for Going Back to School

By Kelsey Brooks As the summer ends, and the school year begins, there is a sense of urgency to get prepared. Going back to school shopping can be stressful and overwhelming after a long, lazy summer. Luckily, these three apps will help the transition be a little easier!

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Give Your Content a Soundtrack

By Rodney Hazard

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The Likeable Podcast 6: @JohnnyStartup and @TheLevelUp

By Frank Emanuele Frank & Cara chat about their favorite social media and marketing books, take a walk down to Sesame Street, and chat with John Valentine of LevelUp about the future of mobile payments! Check us out on iTunes to subscribe and get the latest episodes delivered directly every week, or click here to start listening right now! [...]

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3 Reasons Facebook Can’t Figure Out Mobile

By: Mallorie Rosenbluth In the world of social media, it seems to many that Facebook is the industry’s golden child. Even when the network compromises user privacy, makes sudden and confusing changes, and gets villainized in a major Hollywood production; users still flock like moths to a flame. Over 8 years and 900 million users [...]

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