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LinkedIn Opens Its Publishing Platform to Users

By Elana Lyn Gross   The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, has opened its publishing platform to a select group of its 277 million members with plans to expand the capability in the near future.

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Facebook Comments Go Wild!

By Frank Emanuele Facebook is just rocking the boat in all sorts of ways these past few weeks, isn’t it? Several weeks ago, the social network introduced replies to comments. Finally! Didn’t we all want that about three years ago? Fast-forward to last week. Facebook’s Twitter envy reared its head once again as it introduced hashtags! [...]

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Facebook Announces Reply Option on Page Posts

 By Cassidy Bohan On Monday, March 25, 2013, Facebook announced a new Reply feature that has been designed to improve conversations on pages. Users will now be able to address each individual user directly below a comment. In addition, comments will be ranked on engagement, ensuring maximum visibility for the conversations that are most relevant [...]

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Facebook Revamped News Feed To Give Users Personal Newspaper

By Cassidy Bohan Yesterday, Facebook officially announced the platform redesign that will give members more control over the status updates, news stories and other postings that appear in their News Feed. The design is mobile inspired and reduces clutter, thereby increasing the focus on visuals. It will be trickling out over time, so as to give Facebook time [...]

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What Twitter’s Ad API Means For You

By Alexandra Ostrow On Wednesday, Twitter announced the launch of its long anticipated Ads API (Application Programming Interface), making it the third global social media platform to offer APIs as a targeted marketing solution. To start, Twitter has opened up its API to five partners, listed below. If Twitter’s trajectory looks anything like Facebook’s, it will be another [...]

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5 Business Lessons From Yahoo!

By Jenna Lebel Yahoo! unveiled a fresh, new look for its home page and mobile sites earlier this week. The overdue facelift marks the biggest product revamp since CEO Marissa Mayer took the reins in July 2012. Yahoo! has historically been criticized for being traditional and complacent, but the fact remains that the site generates [...]

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The Number 1 Thing Your Social Strategy Is Missing

By Alexandra Ostrow With the rise of social media in the marketing mix, brands and marketers alike have learned several important lessons: There’s no better or faster way to reach your consumers Creating authentic, human conversations is the most impactful thing a brand can do to acquire new fans and drive current consumer loyalty due [...]

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Why Marketers Should Care About @VineApp

By Serena Goldberg Last week, Twitter rolled out a new video-sharing app called Vine that allows users to capture and share six-second looping videos. Currently, the app is only available to iPhone users. Already in the top free apps in the App Store, Vine is quickly gaining popularity.

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4 Ways Brands Can Break News Better Than the Today Show

By Jenna Lebel By now you’ve probably heard the news of Ann Curry’s departure from The Today Show. To recap, ratings of the Today Show were down so NBC decided to relieve Curry of her co-hosting responsibilities. After her short one year tenure greeting America every morning alongside Matt Lauer NBC is transitioning her into [...]

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A Likeable Lesson from @Instagram

By Brian Murray Likeable Media is a Full Service Social Media and Word of Mouth Marketing Firm. We have over 30 employees and 60 plus interns who live and breathe social media. We use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. But one platform we truly love is Instagram. Earlier today, Instagram, a company that has zero [...]

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