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Two Often Overlooked Steps To Improving Your Social Media Measurement

By Serena Goldberg

Marketers today are easily – and understandably – overwhelmed when it comes to the social media data they need to be collecting and analyzing. Just take a look at the output file that Facebook Insights provides – 65 tabs of data with dozens of columns in each. The amount of data you could segment, trend, and correlate seems infinite. Marketers need to be careful when it comes to large amounts of data because it can become a problem.  Unless you know what to look for and how to use the data, it’s easy to fall behind in your social media initiative. With the abundance of noise existing in the social space today, marketers more than ever need to reevaluate their social media measurement in order to drive better marketing strategies. Continue reading

Three Numbers That Are Your Best Facebook Asset

By Dhara Naik 

The Insights portion of your Facebook’s brand page gives you an in depth perspective on how your community interacts with your brand and amongst one another. If you take a look at Facebook Insights, it can often be daunting trying to figure out what all of the different numbers mean. When you decipher those numbers, Facebook Insights is very telling about exactly what your community wants, what they like to talk about and how they’re sharing your content with their friends. Studying your insights on a weekly or even monthly basis can really be your best asset in driving the results you’re looking for. Continue reading

How Small Social Media Teams Can Take On The Problem of Big Data

By Serena Goldberg

Recently, a new buzzword has been all the hype in the business world: “Big Data.” The term sounds important and confusing at the same time. It’s been thrown around in a myriad of conversations, events, articles, and forums.  Even political leaders, such as Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, have announced state-wide efforts to focus on Big Data. To put it simply, Big Data is more data than you know what to do with. Continue reading

How to Feel Lucky(er): Optimizing Your Social Strategy with Google Analytics

By Serena Goldberg

You are generating more and more social media content every day, and if you are smart, are analyzing the resulting data to optimize your efforts. What types of content are generating the most likes and retweets?  What content produces the greatest increase in Facebook fans? The big question remains however: What is the value of all that activity? While reporting number of tweets and retweets are fine measures, you can go further in your measurement analysis and connect your social activity with your website activity using a web analytics tool.  There are many out there but this post will focus on Google Analytics.

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Pin and Prosper: Analyzing #Pinterest Success

By Katie Kearsey

Pinterest is officially the number three social network in the U.S., and an ever increasing number brands are either getting started with or are fine tuning their strategies and campaigns.  A crucial aspect of any typical social media campaign is the analysis, and a Pinterest campaign is no different.  To meet these needs, a handful of free reporting tools have started to emerge.  Here’s a list of the top three tools and a brief overview of what they each have to offer. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Your Measurement Sucks

By Jenna Lebel

“We’re not seeing strong results.” I cringe every time I hear a phrase uttered along those lines. Not because I’m concerned about lack of innovation or sound strategy, but because it usually means a lack of proper measurement and showcasing of results. Let’s face it; effective social media measurement is not always easy. There are several things you can measure and so many ways to measure that it becomes a complicated process. I don’t have the winning formula myself, but I am aware of some losing formulas. Here are 6 reasons why your social media measurement sucks. Continue reading

2 Lessons For Marketers From Warby Parker’s Annual Report

By Kate van Geldern

Last week, Warby Parker — a start-up eyewear company that offers inexpensive prescription lenses through its ecommerce site – published its annual report. The report is composed of six frames of rich, interactive infographics that provide information about the growth of their business, the efficiency of their operations, and the philanthropic efforts completed through a glasses donation program. The company’s unique spin on a routine report has some smart lessons for marketers.

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Three Steps to Determine Your 2012 Social KPIs

by Dhara Naik 

A new year is almost upon us and chances are you’ve got your 2012 social media plan in place. Sure you’ve got great ideas, but do you have the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to understand your progress? Here are three simple steps to identify the right social media KPIs for your business. Continue reading

Keeping up with the Competition: Metrics That Matter

By Jenna Lebel

I’ve said it numerous times—you can’t measure everything. You need to measure what matters. Different metrics will matter to different people and different organizations, but one thing that should always matter is your competition. Your competitors are critical in helping you determine success for your brand by giving you a frame of reference to measure up against. Also, differentiating your brand requires you to know what your competition is doing so you can craft a strategy to do it better. And lastly, competitive analysis helps identify threats and possibly opportunities for your brand.

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5 Rules for Successful Social Media Measurement

By Jenna Lebel

One of the biggest transformations I’ve seen in social media is the shift from the how to the why. When I was first getting started in social, it was all about the how. Knowing how it all worked and how to leverage for businesses were critical areas of expertise. Sure, the why was important too, but it was more of the why do we need to use this—which was usually answered in the how it works. The how quickly became less complex as more people became educated and knowledgeable and more companies started utilizing the medium to its maximum capabilities. Now I think we’re in a spot in time where a different why has become the most important question around social media. The new why lies in the pressure for companies to justify social media programs through stronger metrics. Because of this shift, measurement matters now more than ever. Before we get into which numbers should matter to you (that is an entirely different blog post), let’s first start with the 5 basic rules of social media measurement.  Continue reading