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How to Improve the ROI of Your Year-End Campaign

By Mallorie Rosenbluth It’s that time of year again; the weather is getting colder, the hot chocolate is steaming and brands are launching year-end campaigns all over social media. It seems every company will put out a promotion or offer over the next few months. They’ll vary in complexity and tempt users with a variety of [...]

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The One Lie Social Media Marketers Need To Stop Telling

By Cara Friedman Nobody will ever deny that social media as an industry that has come a long way. Even since the beginning of Likeable Media, there have been astronomical strides in social capabilities and the ways that brands can leverage social media to grow their business. At the beginning of the social media phenomenon [...]

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3 Tried and Tested Ways to Sell Social to the C-Suite

By Alexandra Ostrow The ways in which we encounter social media on a daily basis are endless: restaurant windows featuring “Check in on Foursquare,” in-store prompts to download exclusive apps, share messaging on just about every website ever created, and live streams of tweets when we attend events (and this list doesn’t even account for [...]

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5 Questions To Ask In Your Social RFP

By Carrie Kerpen If you’ve ever written a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an agency, you know that the process can be painful. First, you need to find the agencies worthy of your RFP. Then you have to sift through tons of information, proposals, meetings, and paperwork. And sometimes, even when you think you’ve found [...]

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The Facebook Measurement Landscape In 2013

By Serena Goldberg While marketers have spent the past few years preoccupied with tracking fans of their Facebook pages, 2013 will be a year of more focused and disciplined measurement. According to a study by Awareness, over half of all marketers surveyed cited revenue generation as a top social media objective. Proving the value of [...]

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3 Ways Consumer Brands Can Use Pinterest This Holiday Season

By Serena Goldberg Pinterest has become one of the most popular social network sites since it launched in March 2010. Because of its visual content and photo-sharing capabilities, the network has also recently started becoming popular with consumer brands and retailers – but only in conversations and not actions. Many consumer brands and retailers are [...]

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Social ROI for Dummies

By Frank Emanuele One of the questions echoing in the offices of every social media marketer is the value of social. Here at Likeable, we even recently published a whitepaper on the subject of ROI. Marketers always ask themselves: how much return can we expect to see on our investment? How will this benefit us? [...]

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Proving The Value Of Facebook Advertising: The Struggle Continues

Proving The Value Of Facebook Advertising: The Struggle Continues

By Serena Goldberg Demonstrating the value of Facebook advertising has been a hefty undertaking for marketers of all stripes, and the pressure has only increased as more and more investment is put into social media. Facebook ads can increase brand awareness and drive more Likes on a company’s Facebook page – as evidenced by metrics [...]

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Shrink Your Cost & Expand Your Splash With Social Ad Placement

By Sam Sudakoff Are you really getting the most bang for your buck on your social media advertising? Sometimes it’s not only easier to gain big results with less money, but also easier to decipher how effectively your ads are being placed. Make your mark most efficiently and don’t get bullied around by those with [...]

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How Small Social Media Teams Can Take On The Problem of Big Data

By Serena Goldberg Recently, a new buzzword has been all the hype in the business world: “Big Data.” The term sounds important and confusing at the same time. It’s been thrown around in a myriad of conversations, events, articles, and forums.  Even political leaders, such as Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, have announced state-wide efforts [...]

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