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How to Use Social Media to Amplify Your Crowdfunding Campaign

By Kelly Byrd

You have a great business/product/service idea or cause that you’d like to support. You need more funding, so you decide to use a crowdfunding platform as your springboard. How can you ensure that those that would be interested in supporting you know about your campaign and hopefully contribute? Continue reading

6 Crowd Funding Tips for Marketers

By Honey Comer

Crowd funding sites have been the center of pop culture buzz in recent years, and for a good reason.  Kickstarter users alone have pledged more than 1.2 billion dollars in donations since the site launched in 2009, funding everything from big film projects to one notoriously expensive batch of potato salad.

So how can marketers snag a piece of the action?  With a little creativity and by following a few best practices, you can use crowd funding to try something fun with your brand while also attaining ROI.  Here are a few crowd funding tips to consider: Continue reading

Giving Back: How 5 Non-Profits Are Thriving on Social

By Sam Sudakoff

It’s that time of year again when we’re not only making purchases for families and loved ones, but also looking to donate our time, funds, and goods to those in need. 40% of all charitable contributions are made in December. As the year ends, Americans’ charitable contributions will be the largest in the world, with $300 billion in funds and $260 billion in volunteer hours in just 12 months.  But these statistics don’t just come from the traditional idea of volunteering in-person or mailing a check. Social media giving has expanded recently. Facebook just announced that it is creating a ‘Donate’ button to partner with any post from charitable organizations. It’s never been easier to connect with a charity-driven audience.

Here are 5 charitable social media efforts that are making an impact. (And here’s what we can learn from them.) Continue reading

Social Media: Can You Keep Up?

By Cara Friedman

Social media is moving at warp speed and with all these changes, it’s hard to keep up! If there’s one trend in 2013 we can count on, it’s that things are moving faster than ever. There’s no room to get comfortable and as a marketer it is your job to stay one step ahead. Of all the core values we preach at Likeable, being adaptable may be your most useful asset this year as we address the ever changing social space. Continue reading

Why Marketers Should Care About Causes: A Case for Cause Marketing

By Jenna Lebel

From Tide’s Loads of Hope program to Sonic’s Limeades for Learning, we’ve seen a lot of incredible brands give back in 2012. The concept of cause marketing is not new, but it has changed drastically over time. Cause marketing is no longer just about making a large donation to a charity around the holidays or slapping a pink ribbon on your product in October or donating $1 to charity for every new ‘Like’ you get over a certain period of time. Continue reading

13 Ways You Can Change the World in 2013

By Alexandra Ostrow

Whether or not you believe in New Year’s Resolutions, the period marking the end of the holiday season and the start of the New Year is a wonderful opportunity to make a commitment to others. Below is an assortment of online avenues by which you can make a significant impact with only a few minutes of your time. How will you choose to change the world?

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. – Winston Churchill

Who It’s For: Those Focused on Bettering Their Local Community
An innovative approach to influencing the business and/or operations of local businesses, CarrotMob.Org believes it’s better to offer businesses a “carrot” rather than force change with a “stick”. Users set up a “CarrotMob”, where they pledge to gather a large enough group to spend a designated amount of money at the establishment and in exchange, the business will make an improvement to their practices, as voted by the mob.

Who It’s For: Anyone and Everyone 
“If you don’t give back, no one will like you.” I choose to share this excerpt, because there is no way I can do justice to this amazing site that takes a humorous approach to philanthropy and charitable giving. Take a look at their website, see how it works, make sure to visit the paper napkin, and let me know what you think. Better yet… start an account and learn by doing!

Continue reading

A Bright Side to #Sandy: Another Win for Social Media

By Dave Kerpen

In this week’s Watch Me Wednesday, on behalf of the entire Likeable team, I want to send my thoughts out to all those who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Through this devastating storm, we saw an enormous contribution from social media in the pursuit of providing information, connecting with loved ones, as well as delivering service updates.  @GovChristie and @CoryBooker did an exceptional job using Twitter to keep citizens informed, as well as @ConEdison who provided service updates to powerless customers.  We truly saw the value of social networks in sustaining composure during a time of fright and uncertainty.  How did you use social media during this natural disaster? Continue reading

The Likeable Podcast 11: The Cause for Cause Marketing

By Frank Emanuele

Cara and Frank are back to discuss the most philanthropic social media campaigns, NBC’s new SNL social promotions, the iPhone 5, and more!

Check us out on iTunes to subscribe and get the latest episodes delivered directly every week, or click here to start listening right now! And remember to tweet #LikeablePodcast and join the conversation! Continue reading

What We Talk About When We Talk About #SocialEntrep

By Theresa Braun

I have been throwing the term “social entrepreneurship” around a bit recently, with little pause to consider what exactly it implies. Typically, social entrepreneurship refers to the creation of social change using standard business principles (or, for a far more descriptive explanation, check out “Social Entrepreneurship: The Case for Definition”). Of course, digital tools have ushered in a new era of social entrepreneurship, bringing greater emphasis to the first half of the phrase with the use of social media to enact social change. The use of new media can–more than ever before–increase awareness, rally the troops, and make an impact on the world (with little to no start-up capital). In today’s world, the need–and possibilities–for entrepreneurship, social media, and social change has never been greater, and these lessons for the likeable business leader have never been more relevant. Continue reading

Stonyfield Farm: Sending you on a Social Scavenger Hunt!

By: Gabriella Piazza

We all like to think we know exactly what we’re eating.  The truth is, we have no idea.  (Chickens do NOT have nuggets people!)  Stonyfield Farm would like to change that.

Continue reading