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Where Should I Post My Content? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Danielle Eckert

How many times per day do you ask: “Where should I post this?” Because your content defines our social media personality,  you have to think carefully about what we post on each network. In this simple, quirky infographic, we help you decide where you should post your content.

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5 Feeds Every Foodie Should Follow

By Angela Kuo

Foodies unite! You may already have your favorite foodie blogs bookmarked, but if you haven’t gone fully social with your passion, you might be missing out.

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4 Tips For Promoting Your Podcast

By Jo Hague

Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular and more readily available thanks to the rise in smartphone ownership. If you don’t already have a podcast, it’s time to get started. If you’ve started a podcast and are looking for advice to promote it further, check out my top tips below. Continue reading

It’s Like That: 6 Social Media Lessons from Mariah

By Roly Gonzalez

With over 200 million albums sold, 18 #1 Billboard Hot 100 hits (the most of any solo artist in history including 17 that she co-wrote), and a career that spans nearly 25 years, Mariah Carey is unquestionably a very successful musician. As a singer and a songwriter, she has been a strong player in the music industry for decades. What does this have to do with social media? Everything!

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Social Media Science: How to Use Facial Recognition to Your Advantage

By John Kultgen

Is it important to show a person’s face? As social media increasingly becomes more visual, I’m constantly challenged with this question. For clothing and hair products, it seems natural. But if a brand sells a product or service that can be seen without the presence of a person, especially his or her face, why bother? Continue reading

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Social Media Dimensions (Updated)

By Samy Simorangkir

The social media space is constantly changing. Case in point: Since the last time we posted our cheat sheet almost seven months ago, Facebook has rolled out the single-column Timeline to brand pages, Vine now allows you to upload existing video not created in the app, and Twitter revamped its layout completely. You will see those changes (and more) reflected below in the updated version of our reference guide for the most frequently used dimensions. Continue reading

Social Media Cheat Sheet For Users [Infographic]

By Emily Taing & Charlie Balk

With all of the social media outlets available today, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to focus on. Should you tweet, like, snap, or comment? This infographic, Social Media Cheat Sheet (For Users) breaks down the most popular social networks into digestible snippets, describing how they can be utilized, as well as highlighting their pros and cons. Learn how to best leverage each platform & start socializing! 

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How to Make Brands Sexy on Social

By Nick Guarracino

We’re all feeling it. The pressure on brands to be noticed on social media is an ever-increasing challenge. Competitors are getting noisier, consumer attention spans are shrinking, and let’s not forget that pesky Facebook algorithm messing with our post reach! What’s a brand to do?!

Here are some tips for how to sexy-up your brand and get noticed on social. Continue reading

Are Big Companies Engaging On Social Media The Way They Should Be?

By Nicole Finkbeiner

After reading about the effectiveness of timely and personal responses to social media interactions from thought leaders such as Likeable Media, I assumed that all of the large U.S. based companies, being some of the best marketers in the world, were following similar social media practices. But after several interactions with major companies that either went wrong or were ignored, I started to wonder: Are these “guidelines” of social media really being followed? Continue reading

How To Unplug From Social Media (Realistically)

By Nicole Grossberg

Ah, social media.  We love it, can’t get enough of it, and well, let’s admit it, we’re pretty much obsessed with it.  But there is a time and a place for tweeting and liking, and in a world full of endless online stimulation, we need to remember to make human connections.  A handwritten note is always more personal than an email, and a real hug will trump an emoji any day.  Here are some ways you can work on your people skills and learn to temporarily disconnect and put down your device. Continue reading