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9 Millennial Slang Words That Improve Your Social Media Voice

By John Kultgen

22 years old is the most common age in America right now. Gen-Y’ers, born in the  1980s and 1990s, are more numerous than Baby Boomers and three times the size of Generation X.  Baby Boomers will give up $400 billion in annual spending when they retire, leaving it up to Millennials to become the decision makers for what to buy their Generation Plurals children and their aging parents.

But if you’re going to market to them, you have to learn how to speak like them. And I don’t mean knowing “FOMO” and “twerk.” Those terms have been high-jacked by mainstreamed media. They seem old and tired by now. Here are some helpful terms for you to know that are still fresh, popular, and loved by Millennials. Continue reading

The Social Media Paradox [VIDEO]

Social media is evolving into an advertising platform, yet traditional advertising methods simply don’t work on social. Is your content  relevant enough to be a part of your fans’ social experience rather than an interruption?

Live from Likeable Media’s annual Client Summit, I reveal three ways to make your content align with your business goals.


Foul Play: 5 Reasons NOT to Talk About the World Cup

By Sam Sudakoff

Okay, I’m being hypocritical and writing about the World Cup, but I’m really doing this for you (so that you can learn from my mistakes). The fact is: Everyone is talking about the World Cup. While we often discuss of the importance of real-time marketing, there is one exception: when it doesn’t make sense for your brand. Don’t try to force it– it will only come across as inauthentic.

Here are the top five reasons NOT to force real-time content around pop culture events. Continue reading

Facebook’s Right-Rail Ads Making a Comeback

By Tim Bosch

The original Facebook ad placement goes by many names: right-hand column, right sidebar, and right rail. Whatever you choose to call this placement, the right column has been the slowest area on Facebook to evolve. They have had the same 100 X 72 specs for years. The other ad placement options, the mobile and desktop News Feeds, have become the clear favorite when it comes to driving meaningful user-action on Facebook. However, with organic reach dropping and advertisers beefing up ad spends in the News Feed, Facebook has become an extremely competitive marketplace. Starting today, Facebook will begin rolling out a new design for ads in the right column. Continue reading

3 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do On Pinterest

By Amanda DiAntonio

Have you found yourself paying more attention to Pinterest lately? This network, which many discounted, has now become the third most popular social network in the United States. Likeable Media’s new, exclusive white paper, Pin Your Way to Profits: Why Pinterest is Vital for Driving Sales, takes an in-depth look at the unique aspects of Pinterest and how it can have a considerable impact on sales. In the meantime, feel free to follow these valuable, yet little known Pinterest tips. Continue reading

Likeable Health: Your Social Media Checkup [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Keith Murray

Times have changed from when we were younger. No longer is it the norm to call Mom or drop by your local clinic when you’re not feeling well. Now, more than ever, we’re relying on the Internet for answers.  Continue reading

4 Lessons From Childhood That Apply to Social Media

By Michael Harari

As social media has grown, brands have found themselves at the center of epic fails with increasing frequency. For example, AT&T crossed the line on a day of remembrance, while US Airways tweeted an unfortunate NSFW image.

How can brands effectively respond to these mistakes and prevent them in the future? The answer may be as simple as looking back at lessons from childhood. Continue reading

Shut Up and Listen: Why Active Listening Matters [VIDEO]

Content. Content. Content. Content is a big buzzword these days. Brands need to be publishers. They need to be creative agencies. They need to make their products something that people want to talk about online. Why? Content is how brands speak to consumers.

But it’s not all about talking to consumers. It’s also about listening.

In today’s episode of Carrie’s Corner, I discuss how brands can learn A LOT more about their market, products, and competitors, simply through “active” listening.

For more tips on “active” listening, download our eBook: 10 Questions & Answers That Reveal Why Advanced Social Listening Matters. 

3 Ways to Use Active Social Listening as a Priceless (and Free) Market Research Tool

By Candie Harris

As a former brand marketer, if someone had told me I could have access to the hearts and minds of my most loyal consumers (as well as my competitor’s), my first question would be: “How?” My second question would be: “How much will it cost?” Having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on various market research studies, I know how valuable key consumer insights are and how difficult they are to get. The explosion of social media platforms and communities provide a great amount of consumer insight treasures if you know how to find them. And, although there are a plethora of listening tools out there, true insights come only when individuals listen and think about how their brands could potentially be impacted.

Here are three quick (and free) tips to get you started: Continue reading

Mobile Friendly: How to Manage Social Media from Your Cell Phone

By Corey Smock

Time—it flies, it’s ticking, it’s money, it’s on our side. Whatever you determine, you can’t argue: time is valuable. It becomes even more valuable when talking about social media. As fast-paced as we tend to be, social media can move even faster. Being able to manage on-the-go will take your social marketing to the next level. Continue reading