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3 Ways to Use Active Social Listening as a Priceless (and Free) Market Research Tool

By Candie Harris

As a former brand marketer, if someone had told me I could have access to the hearts and minds of my most loyal consumers (as well as my competitor’s), my first question would be: “How?” My second question would be: “How much will it cost?” Having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on various market research studies, I know how valuable key consumer insights are and how difficult they are to get. The explosion of social media platforms and communities provide a great amount of consumer insight treasures if you know how to find them. And, although there are a plethora of listening tools out there, true insights come only when individuals listen and think about how their brands could potentially be impacted.

Here are three quick (and free) tips to get you started: Continue reading

Mobile Friendly: How to Manage Social Media from Your Cell Phone

By Corey Smock

Time—it flies, it’s ticking, it’s money, it’s on our side. Whatever you determine, you can’t argue: time is valuable. It becomes even more valuable when talking about social media. As fast-paced as we tend to be, social media can move even faster. Being able to manage on-the-go will take your social marketing to the next level. Continue reading

5 Ways To Quickly Grow Your Instagram Audience

By Alex Benton

Ah Instagram, you mysterious creature. Over 200 million users, but how do you reach them? On Facebook and Twitter, fans can be acquired via targeted advertising. But on Instagram, unless you plan on sliding them a briefcase filled with $1 million, they’ll undoubtedly ignore your calls for a meeting. Growing an Instagram audience requires some good-old-fashioned elbow grease. Below are five simple ways that can help you increase your follower count, without coughing up the big bucks.

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3 Ways Regulated Industries Can Use Social Media [VIDEO]

For those who work in regulated industries like financial, legal, insurance, or health, it can feel like an impossible task to craft a plan to use social media. After all, these industries have heavy rules and requirements and it can feel like more trouble than it’s worth.

However, the opportunities for companies in these sectors to use social media marketing are vast. It’s just knowing how to proceed that makes all of the difference.

In today’s episode of Carrie’s Corner, Carrie Kerpen discusses three social media tips for businesses that are heavily regulated.

For additional social media tips for regulated industries, read Carrie’s latest article in Inc. here.

How to Create Content That Makes You (and Your Followers) Look Good

By John Critelli

Ever wonder why your audience uses social media?

It’s usually the same reason your company does—marketing. The only difference is that your audience members are marketing themselves.

They see themselves as the product, and their followers as the consumers.

That means your audience wants to show their value, just like marketers want to show their product’s value. So how can you help your audience show their value? Continue reading

How to Use LinkedIn Publishing to Build Your Personal Brand

By Brian Murray

Earlier this year, LinkedIn opened their publishing platform to the general public. Posts will automatically be shared with your connections, making it easy to gain visibility. LinkedIn publishing is a must use platform for any professional. What you post will help build your business, your brand, and your resume. I actively use the platform, and have put together five tips for improving visibility, engagement, and quality. If don’t already have access, you can apply for early access by clicking HERE.

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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink: 8 Marketing Secrets from Mean Girls

By Elana Lyn Gross

Marketing Lessons from Mean Girls

Today is the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. Take a moment to reflect and feel old. Done? It ends up that you can find inspiration from unlikely sources, in this case, the Plastics and the other unlucky inhabitants of North Shore High (oh and that girl who doesn’t even go there). Continue reading

6 Grammar Mistakes You’re Making on Social Media

By Theresa Braun

Whoops, you wrote “their” instead of “there” in a post. As a person, the worst that happens is your annoying, nit-picky friend comments with, “*there.” As a brand, the implications could be far greater.

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3 Ways Brands Can Take Selfies

By Keith Murray


If you search #selfie on Instagram, you will find over 100 million pictures. It’s safe to say that this trend is all the rage. But how can a brand use this trend to connect with their communities more? There are three ways brands can take selfies.  Continue reading

5 Mad Men Quotes That Perfectly Apply To Social Media Today

By John Kultgen

AMC via

AMC via

Mad Men returns this month, and Season 7 will likely feature the frequent sexist comments and work-day binge drinking that define the show. Yet despite how retro Don, Peggy, and the rest of the characters seem in their behavior, the insight they provide is oddly applicable to modern day social media marketing. Here’s some Sterling Cooper branded advice I recommend that you follow. Continue reading