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4 Networks That are Making Their Mark With College Kids

By Alex Benton As 64 college basketball teams ready themselves for the NCAA tournament, how will the students at these universities be communicating with each other on social media? Over the past 3 years, the number of teenagers using Facebook has declined by 25%, opening the door for smaller social networks to grab a piece of [...]

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Marketers Will Make These 3 Facebook Mistakes

By Tim Bosch Recently, Facebook announced that it will begin surfacing posts from pages users don’t like, but that tag pages they do like. My first question: How long until brands start abusing this new power? Historically, marketers have taken similar Facebook updates about the News Feed and completely miss the mark. Here are 3 [...]

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NCAA Recruitment in Ten Seconds or Less

By Keith Murray Let the madness begin. Selection Sunday was March 16th, and for all of us basketball junkies that means March Madness is underway–but the real “madness” made headlines a few weeks ago when the NCAA announced the use of Snapchat as a communication tool for recruiting.

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The Biggest Mistake You’re Making On Social Media [VIDEO]

Marketers, I have a newsflash for you: Many of us are doing social media entirely wrong. Last week, Socialbakers conducted a social media pulse check across 82 countries and 20 industries in order to discover what we’re focusing on and, more important, what we’re not. And do you know what they found? 61.7% of brands’ social [...]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Twitter Content (In 140 Characters or Less)

By Amanda DiAntonio Determining what content works for your brand on Twitter may seem like a guessing game at times, but as many brands have already discovered, finding the right content is like striking (social) gold. Since Twitter users are 3 times more likely to follow brands than Facebook users, developing a successful content strategy (or [...]

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9 Things From The ’90s That Social Media Replaced

By John Kultgen Teens today don’t have it as tough as we did: Answering machines sometimes didn’t record your message. You had to settle for a celebrity’s autograph because you forgot your camera. Times were hard; yet we still found ways to communicate. While  social media platforms are relatively new, the way people socialize on [...]

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4 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs An Agency

By John Kultgen Recently I came across an article that argued against brands having an agency. After moving past a minor panic attack at the thought of my job becoming obsolete, I really considered what the author was saying. And yes, there are certainly valid reasons why you might want your marketing exclusively within your [...]

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3 Social Media Statistics You Didn’t Know (And Why They Matter)

By Michele Weisman There were many social media moments in 2013 that had major implications for business and brands. You know social media has made its mark when Beyonce, one of the world’s biggest music stars, ignores the traditional mass media product launch process and announces the release of her new album via Instagram to [...]

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Don’t Make This Community Management Mistake

By Charlie Balk   Many major brands are making a major mistake when it comes to community management: they’re not doing it. According to one study of 100 top global brands, 54% don’t reply to people on Twitter.   Why don’t they? Because it requires a lot of effort, planning, training, and logistics to set up [...]

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How To Make Healthcare Social

By Nick Guarracino The Final Frontier It was inevitable. Since the birth of social media, healthcare CMOs have known that they would eventually have to leave the comfort and safety of their rigid, regulated channels and enter the “Wild West” of public networks.

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