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5 Twitter Hacks To Grow An Influential Network

By Michele Weisman   With 560 million active users and 5,700 tweets sent every second, Twitter is a powerful network. Initially, Twitter’s core service was a feed of short bursts of text. Since 2006, the social network has transformed into a media-rich, real-time stream of information and entertainment that includes short videos like Vines, photographs and advertisements. It’s impressive, [...]

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The Definitive Guide to Live Tweeting

By Corey Smock “Much speech is one thing, well-timed speech is another.” It’s safe to say that Sophocles wasn’t referring to Twitter when he first wrote this phrase, but little did he know how relevant it would be to us today.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Twitter Content (In 140 Characters or Less)

By Amanda DiAntonio Determining what content works for your brand on Twitter may seem like a guessing game at times, but as many brands have already discovered, finding the right content is like striking (social) gold. Since Twitter users are 3 times more likely to follow brands than Facebook users, developing a successful content strategy (or [...]

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Looking To Start a Digital Detox? There’s an App For That.

By Rachel Pannullo It’s been nearly a month since we counted down to midnight and vowed that we would follow through on our 2014 New Year’s resolutions.  As someone who works in social media marketing (and loves it), I am constantly connected. This year, like so many others, I resolved that 2014 would be the year [...]

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3 Ways Social Ad Platforms Are Improving Their Product for 2014

By Cassidy Bohan As marketers are finding it more difficult to reach their audience on social news feeds, there has been plenty of conversation about the value of social ads. Some brands are frustrated with the fact that social media marketing is no longer free,  but others have taken the steps to realize that social [...]

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7 Ways to Engage with Industry Influencers on Twitter

By Corey Smock Social media is a great tool for brands to engage in influencer marketing. This strategy targets a specific individual–or type of individual–who has influence over potential buyers in your industry. Influencers can include broadcasters, journalists, professors, analysts, and athletes–any person who has a large following in your field. Developing a relationship with [...]

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Is Twitter’s Update to its Ad Platform Worth Your Time?

By Cassidy Bohan Marketers can now schedule tweets on Twitter’s ad platform, making it easier to plan content to coordinate a brand’s presence with inconveniently timed events or product launches. Since the Super Bowl, more and more brands are adopting real time content strategies to connect with what users are thinking and talking about. Done [...]

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Tips for Developing a Successful Personal Brand on Twitter

By James Reichert Twitter can certainly appear to be a form of organized chaos. How can a person start developing a successful personal brand on Twitter when thousands of tweets are sent each minute, every day? One could feel overwhelmed just thinking of the hashtags, links, parody accounts, and useless information that you’ll have to [...]

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How to Capture Your Fans’ Attention Using Vine

By James Reichert  Vine’s most recent update added new features that have helped this video-sharing network strike back against Instagram. Since this update, Vine has climbed back into the top 10 most downloaded free mobile apps and now sits at #6 today (Instagram currently ranks at #13). So you’re wondering how to capture your fans’ [...]

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Why Your Company’s Social Media is Failing

By Dave Kerpen The other day, I had an issue with my television service. As a social media author and CEO, I did the first thing that comes natural: I tweeted, and posted a complaint on the company’s Facebook page. To their credit, the company responded right away, apologizing and giving me a phone number [...]

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