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4 Networks That are Making Their Mark With College Kids

By Alex Benton

As 64 college basketball teams ready themselves for the NCAA tournament, how will the students at these universities be communicating with each other on social media? Over the past 3 years, the number of teenagers using Facebook has declined by 25%, opening the door for smaller social networks to grab a piece of the market share. Could some of these networks potentially make a run at the #1 seeds of social media?

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Vine: 2013 Highlights

By Mandi Boyd

Vine, a mobile app owned by Twitter, allows users to create and share 6-second videos. Shortly after launching, along came Instagram’s video sharing capability, leaving many wondering what Vine’s future had in store. Luckily, Vine has established its place among the social media networks throughout this past year.

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How to Capture Your Fans’ Attention Using Vine

By James Reichert 

Vine’s most recent update added new features that have helped this video-sharing network strike back against Instagram. Since this update, Vine has climbed back into the top 10 most downloaded free mobile apps and now sits at #6 today (Instagram currently ranks at #13).

So you’re wondering how to capture your fans’ attention using Vine? Well Vine’s new features open up a wide array of tools for brands to interact with their followers in ways that far surpass the capabilities within Instagram, even with 9 fewer seconds to work with.  Continue reading

Is There Hope For @VineApp?

By Andi Barton

Thursday’s Instagram video announcement ignited a great deal of buzz. Initial sentiment varied, but one theme surrounding the conversation was the fate of Vine. Once Instagram incorporated seamless video into its stream, Vine lost its differentiating appeal–and is now facing competition from one of the top social media networks.

So this begs the question: Is there hope for Vine? 

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Vine: 3 Ways Brands Are Getting It Right

By Brian Murray

Vine has been around since the beginning of the year. While I was cynical of the six second video platform at first, the constraints and focus have led to some pretty amazing results. Almost six months in, many brands have embraced the ability to share and syndicate across networks and reach existing audiences. I’ve seen three brands in particular that I believe are using Vine exceptionally well, each with their own take on the emerging platform. Continue reading

3 Things The Fashion Industry Can Teach Your Brand About Vine

By Tiffany Hopkins

Since Vine’s launch in January, the fashion industry has solidly established its presence on the social network. From launching a campaign, to giving fans exclusive behind-the-scenes access,  to marketing their latest offerings, these chic brands are giving Twitter’s new short form video app some serious fashion cred!

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3 Ways To Add Short Form Video In Your Content Mix

By Ike Brooker




No, Vine isn’t the reason why you need short form video content in your strategy, but it does prove that the time has come for video to begin taking its place at the front of a content strategy. Sure, it’s limited, but limits can foster creativity, limits and legos.

There are a number of ways in which your brand can benefit from short form video content. Here are 3 ways: Continue reading

3 Speed Bumps on Vine’s Road to Success

By Cara Friedman

The social media sphere has been buzzing with the latest release by Twitter, Vine. So far the platform has been pretty impressive and has massive potential to take the social media world by storm. However, Vine has some serious challenges that lie in its path. In order to become the breakout app of 2013 it has to be aware of what lies ahead. Continue reading