5 Typography Terms You Must Know

By Emily Taing

With Twitter’s announcement last week about the new photo tagging and collage features and Facebook’s implementation of the 20% rule, image-centric marketing is quickly overtaking traditional text-based media. Twitter reports that tweets with a photo are 35 percent more likely to get retweeted than one without. New York University psychologist Jerome Bruner has done research that demonstrates that people only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, and 80% of what they see and do.

One of the most underestimated elements of advertising is typography. Typography is the art and technique of arranging type. Considering all of the advertising placed in front of consumers via feeds, it’s important to use type that quickly grabs a reader’s attention and gives a clear understanding of the message. Below are 5 typography terms that will help.


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Your 2014 Masters Social Media Viewing Guide

By Dylan O’Shea

Are you excited for the 2014 Masters, but worried about missing out on the action because you’ll be stuck at work or won’t be able to get in front of a television?

Do not fear. Thanks to social media, you’ll not only be able to catch every shot from your favorite golfer, but you’ll also get about a hundred different perspectives as to why they chose to use a 5 iron instead of a 7 iron when hitting out of the bunker on 16.


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15 Animals Who Dominate the Internet Kingdom

By Danielle Eckert

It’s no secret that the animal kingdom is well and alive on the Internet. Browse any one of your social networks and there will be a plethora of cat memes and dog gifs.

Many brands have capitalized on using animals in their ads. The Budweiser Clydesdales have been a staple for Anheuser-Busch since 1933; more recently, the brand introduced Labrador puppies, because: puppies. Or maybe you are more interested in cats? My personal favorite has to be the Cravendales #catswiththumbs campaign. Or take the Wonderful Pistachios use of an actual Internet famous cat, Keyboard cat (R.I.P. you talented little dude). Certain brands are built around, and well known for, their animals (the Geico Gecko, Tony the Tiger, and the Aflac Duck, to name a few). Brands use animals in their advertising not only because they are cute, but to tie that association to their brand to make it more recognizable.

Below is a ranking of the 15 most popular animals that have graced the Internet in recent years.


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The Definitive Guide to Live Tweeting

By Corey Smock

“Much speech is one thing, well-timed speech is another.”

It’s safe to say that Sophocles wasn’t referring to Twitter when he first wrote this phrase, but little did he know how relevant it would be to us today. (more…)

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5 Things Brands Can Learn from Broadway

By Rachel Hadley

As the TONY Award deadline rapidly approaches, the energy of this year’s Broadway shows are in full swing! This year’s newest additions to The Great White Way are taking to social channels and reaping the benefits. Below is a list of five things brands can learn from some of Broadway’s newest (or upcoming) shows: (more…)

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How 4 Brands are Using Japan’s Popular Messaging App

 By Thomas Zukowski

Paul McCartney sticker on LINE

One of Paul McCartney’s free “stickers”

On Sunday, I returned from touring the ever-intriguing “Land of the Rising Sun.” Known for often being ahead of the curve technologically, Japan has an obsession with consumer electronics (seriously–if the number of faces you see buried in smartphones bothers you in your town, try Tokyo). I met up with my friend Jake, a four-year Tokyo resident, to get the lowdown on which social media platforms were most popular in Japan. Like in the U.S., most are using Facebook and Twitter to stay connected. There is, however, one particular app that has been sweeping the nation for quite some time: the mobile messaging app LINE. (more…)

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4 Apps for the Busy Executive

By Jo Hague

According to Tim Cook, the App Store has over 1 million available apps with more than 60 billion total apps being downloaded and many enterprises are creating business apps for both consumers and employees; 60% and 56% respectively. So the big question is: As a busy executive or director, “How do I choose?” I asked our C-Level staff at Likeable Media for their top apps that make their hectic lives a little bit easier. (more…)

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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile

By Shannon Maguire

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and you know what that means: it’s time to open your windows, grab your brooms, and get to work — because unfortunately we don’t live in a Disney movie where adorable woodland creatures will clean the house upon a whistle. But why stop at clearing the clutter from your house? Only 50% of LinkedIn users have complete profiles, and you should want to be on the right side of that stat. It’s time to get rid of the digital clutter and clear the social cobwebs. Here are five ways to spring clean your LinkedIn profile:


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4 Networks That are Making Their Mark With College Kids

By Alex Benton

As 64 college basketball teams ready themselves for the NCAA tournament, how will the students at these universities be communicating with each other on social media? Over the past 3 years, the number of teenagers using Facebook has declined by 25%, opening the door for smaller social networks to grab a piece of the market share. Could some of these networks potentially make a run at the #1 seeds of social media?


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