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3 Life-Hacks in Honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day

By James Reichert 

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! Today marks the 4th year of this holiday celebrating the individuals who serve as the voice, tone, and heart of their online communities. No day as a Community Manager is ever the same, as we are constantly in the trenches of various brand pages, battling platform issues and bugs (especially when it comes to a certain platform that starts with “face” and ends with “book”). As a little way to show how much I appreciate my fellow CMs, I’m sharing some tips, tricks, and life-hacks that can come in handy when juggling multiple brand pages.

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5 Things Every Community Manager Must Have (that’s not in their job description)

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

Today marks a very special day in the world of social media. As the fourth Monday of January gets into full swing, we celebrate a day devoted to some of the hardest working people in the industry – community managers. This job barely existed 5 years ago, and now, we have an entire day to stop and say thanks for everything. While we celebrate these individuals today, let’s take a look at what exactly goes into the work of the community manager that doesn’t get written into the job description. Before you interview or hire for this position, take note: Continue reading