In 1938, The Salvation Army started National Donut Day to honor those that served the donuts to soldiers in WW1. As the #1 manufacturer of donuts, Entenmann’s couldn’t resist indulging in a celebration. In 2012, Likeable helped Entenmann’s bring this holiday to the national stage by leveraging its charitable partnership with The Salvation Army. In a campaign leading up to the big day, Entenmann’s held a co-branded sweepstakes which awarded 100 lucky fans an entire year’s supply of donuts; for every new “Like” received on its Facebook page, Entenmann’s donated $1 to The Salvation Army. On National Donut Day itself, the two brands held an event at Madison Square Park in New York City, complete with giveaways, donation stations, and the world’s largest box of Entenmann’s donuts. The event received on-air appearances on Fox 5 and NY1 and prompted Mayor Bloomberg to officially recognized the holiday and declare June 1st “NYC Donut Day.” The campaign results–434,874,657 combined media impressions, 302,384 contest entrants, 101,086 new Entenmann’s Facebook fans, and a $25,000 donation to The Salvation Army–made National Donut Day 2012 a sweet success.

434,874,657 101,086 302,384
Combined Media Impressions New Fans Contest Entries

We spent $20,956 in Facebook ads during the promotion and acquired fans at a more efficient average cost of $0.28 cents per fan/like during contest period vs. $0.35 in 2011.

We garnered 13,658,718 post views (number of times fans/non fans viewed Facebook posts), up 320% from 2011.

We reached 25,000 fans in 12 days and raised $25,000 for the Salvation Army. Compared to 2011, only 10,000 fans were reached in 11 days with only $10,000 raised for the Salvation Army.

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