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Social media is a 24/7 industry that slows down for no one. We won’t judge you if it’s tough to keep up with the most recent changes and trends. Fortunately everyone at Likeable is always “in-the-know” and now you can be too. Check out our collection of webinars, eBooks and whitepapers reporting on the latest social media trends and best practices.


  • How To Represent Your Brand Online

    Social media users are searching out your brand on social media for many different reasons. But the main one that they all have in common is this: they want to interact with YOU.

    A reputation takes years to build, but just seconds to damage irreparably. In today’s evolving social landscape, brands need to be prepared when a crisis arises. Managing your brand’s reputation on social media is more than just developing a friendly voice–you need a plan in place. What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of a social media fire drill tomorrow?

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  • Social Media for Business & Technology

    Social media has become the marketing outlet that’s a bit of a wild card for most companies. For some industries (food & beverage, e-commerce, fashion, etc.), it has been nothing short of the holy grail when it comes to generating awareness and sales. For others, namely those in more standardized industries (enter, business and technology), it’s been a tricky pill to swallow. Navigating the social media waters can be difficult when you’re making a case for your boss for why social is essential. Download the Business & Technology eBook today!

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White Papers

  • Are You Likeable? How To Truly Measure Your Brand’s Social Media Success

    Twenty-five years ago, companies could spend lots of money on television ads or cold calls in order to generate lots of sales. Poor customer service, poor follow-up, and bad products weren’t easily publicized, and therefore they didn’t matter. Today, global communications have exposed a company’s behavior. A brand is expected to deliver from start to [...]

  • 4 Methods For Breaking Through The Social Clutter

    Users share 30 billion pieces of content on Facebook each month. 340 million tweets are posted on Twitter daily. 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. There’s no question that the social media space is congested and brands need to find a way to break through this noise.
    In this white paper we [...]

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