Likeable Media is one of the first pure-play social agencies ever established.  Our team understands the rapidly changing social media landscape. Based on work with hundreds of brands, the agency has developed a three step process for success in social media. The Likeable Content Cubed™  method uses social insights to develop and promote digital branded content that generates business results. Our method allows us to produce high quality content for you quickly — and to easily show its impact on your business. Based in New York City, Likeable Media is currently ranked eleventh on Crain’s Best Places to Work NYC. People love working here, and that's just one small part of what makes them such a likeable team. 

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...provide faster service, offering quick turnaround time on high quality content — enabling your brand to engage seamlessly in real-time opportunities. 

...have the smartest team in social. Because we are a pure play social media content house, our team is at the cutting edge of a rapidly changing field. It’s our business to know what’s next. 

...offer likeability guaranteed. The bottom line is that every client we've ever had loves working with us, because we truly live up to our brand name.


We've been getting results since before the invention of the "like."

Dave and Carrie Kerpen founded Likeable in 2006. What began as an idea for a wedding turned into a need for a company, and Likeable Media was born. Their leadership experience resulted in a New York Times bestselling book, a key role in the LinkedIn Influencer program, regular contributions in Forbes and Inc., and recognition in publications including The Wall Street Journal and USAToday. Dave and Carrie continue to guide brands to the forefront of social media marketing. 

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