A Pan Am BOMB.

Pan Am and MTV One out of Five BAD BEES!

Okay, here's the thing. On Monday, I turned 31. I am undoubtedly some 10-15 years away from being an MTV target. But here's what I saw in Promo Magazine today:

Pan Am to Host Celebrity Swag Suite in Las Vegas Pan Am, the travel fashion goods manufacturer that used to be an airline of the same name, will celebrate its 80-year anniversary by hosting a celebrity gifting suite Sept. 8-9 at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.


So, when I think Pan Am, here's what I think of: hijackers bombs crash bad airline finished.

Here's what I don't think of: Marc Jacobs Chic fashion teenagers

I'm very confused, but intrigued. So I head over to my good friend, GOOGLE. I type in, "Pan Am", thinking I'll see something about fabulous handbags that are suitable for travel. NOPE. All about the downfall of Pan Am in the 80s and early 90s.

Now, I'm really confused. I may have missed some kind of MTV rebranding of Pan Am, (although, admittedly, I do still watch the Real World) but Google goes way beyond a teenage target. I'm totally lost. So now, I google "PAN AM FASHION", and lo and behold, I find the typical "press release" for this promotion with MTV. It bores me, but I read it anyway. And then, I get to thinking...

WHY ON EARTH AM I GOING TO WANT TO BUY A TRAVEL BAG THAT I ASSOCIATE WITH PAN AM? This airline LITERALLY crashed and burned! Is it some retro thing that I don't get? Am I not hip? I know Marc Jacobs is great and all, but doesn't he have his own line of hot travel bags? Pan Am makes me think "falling plane", not "fashonista princess"! Perhaps teenagers, now born in the 90s, have no recollection of Pan Am. Perhaps they snooze through their history classes. Perhaps the brand has been washed clean of it's once tarnished rep. If so, good for them. I would rather see them ditch the brand. But then again, maybe I'm an old fart....and maybe I'm a little bitter that hotsy totsy teens are walking around with Marc Jacobs bags while I'm toting around my Babies R Us diaper bag that doubles as a briefcase. Still, I'm giving this stinky idea one out of 5 BAD BEES. Pan Am belongs in the Pan Past.