Alli = Ally or A Lie? The jury is still out.

Alli Weight Loss Drug

Three out of Five Bees

So, the Masked Marketer emailed me this link about Alli, the new weight loss drug, and their unconventional attempts to market this FDA approved drug as your "Ally" in weight loss. It's pretty interesting. Apparently, Alli, as your weight loss "friend", has certain ad messages that other diet pills don't. They make light of the fact that Alli may result in anal leakage. They also have a pretty unique positioning, which is the only FDA approved Weight Loss Drug, and that is a major part of their campaign message. They've even got a pill case that is shaped like a worry stone....making Alli the stress relief so many dieters crave.

theKbuzz is not sure what to think of this campaign. I'm sure Alli is FLYING off of the shelves. I'm just curious if it's safe....and are they addressing that in their ads? I haven't seen it mentioned. Is this tomorrow's Phen Phen? Or is it truly your weight loss ally? Only time will tell...but in the meantime, theKbuzz is confident that their kitchy, honest, friendlike approach will be pretty successful.