Canon's Sharpova Promotion is Shar-perfect!

Canon's Sharpova Lookalikes
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5 out of 5 bees

Canon USA will field a team of Maria Sharapova look-alikes to cruise Manhattan streets and promote its new PowerShot line during the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament next week. The 10 look-alikes will start out by strolling a catwalk, carrying the new cameras in a fashion show on Aug. 27 and 28 in Manhattan’s Greeley Square, coinciding with the start of the U.S. Open. Sharapova is Canon’s spokesperson, and while she’s playing to defend her Open crown, her 10 imposters will invite passers-by to pose for photos with them and tryout the new PowerShots.

After Tuesday, the Sharapova imposters will stroll though Manhattan with a team of “photo boys” wearing harnesses with LCD displays on their backs. The photo boys will take pictures of people who want to pose with the Sharapovas, with the shots appearing on the LCD screens. They’ll also take consumers’ e-mail addresses and send them e-mail links to their picture online.

This is absolutely brilliant. New York, the home of tourists and trendsetters alike, hosts this great promo that will reach far beyond the confines of the island of Manhattan due to buzz. Hot girls impersonating Hot Tennis Star is just plain fun. The people they directly interact with will never forget it, and the people who read about it will wish they experienced it. It's a great way to try and supercede the buzz from Nikon when they took over that town and gave them all cameras. Adding a celebrity to this promo makes it way more memorable-- since I certainly cannot tell you the name of the town that Nikon took over.

Way to go Canon. We use your Powershot. We like your promotion. We salute you.