It's sad, but true

Chicken McNuggets, Y'all (McDonald's)
Buzz Factor:

(4 out of 5 bees)

We are not huge fans of McDonalds. We like Fast Food Nation, and we plan to show our daughters "Supersize Me" as soon as they are old enough to understand. When we first saw this commercial, Dave turned to me and said, "HOW DUMB". He then proceeded to sing "Ketchup and May-ooo" for the remainder of the night. Our eldest daughter Charlotte caught on, and even though she doesn't watch commercial television, when we ask her what she wants for dinner, she now often replies "Chicken McNuggets, y'all". The kicker was when my 60 year old father asked if we had seen the commercial, and then recited the entire commercial. We then had a huge discussion about what "user generated content" means, and we all sat around discussing whether or not this ad really comes from two jokers who love YouTube, or a big snazzy agency.

So, I have to say, regardless of whether or not we eat at McDonald's, this commercial has been ingrained into the minds of a four year old, two thirty something, and one sixty something year old Kerpen family members. theKbuzz might not dig your dishes, but we definitely smile when passing those golden arches, thinking of your dumb but memorable ad.