K-Mart gets a bit closer to being K-SMART, but can't seal the deal...

KMart Ethnic Doll Collection
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Kmart hopes to cash in on a growing appetite for ethnic toys among minority consumers, and their rising spending power. It’s launching its own initiative this month, putting dozens of multicultural dolls on shelves in each of its 1,400 stores.

Although other retailers are stocking more multicultural dolls — often in predominantly minority neighborhoods — Kmart claims it’s the first mass-market retailer to have such a wide selection available in every store.

Okay, KMart, as parents, we HAVE been begging for ethnic dolls for a long time. The selection is terrible. AND, what's worse is when you find them, generally, they look like these awful, most-hated by theKbuzz dolls:

So, KMart, you are off to a good start. However, what are you going to do about the fact that the perception of your stores is STILL cheap, dirty, and poor quality? Seems to me that you have a lot more to work on than your ethnic doll collection. Ethnic dolls should really be step 2 or 3, a tactic used to help differentiate your dying brand. Before tactics, let's work on some strategy, shall we?

theKbuzz recommends-- A giant KMart Cleanup...stage a giant event where celebs and other ecologically focused folks come out to "Clean Up K Mart". It's simple, focused, and can communicate in the title alone what you are trying to do. THEN, once KMart is rebranded, go to town selling fabulous ethnic dolls. My daughters and I will be first in line.