Macy's + Donald Trump = Middle America? HARDLY!


5 out of 5 VERY BAD BEES!!!!!

It has been nearly a year since former Marshal Fields, May Stores, and
others were bought and transformed into Macy’s stores and sales have been
seriously slumping. The Cincinnati-based retailer reported a 77 percent
drop in its second-quarter earnings and continues to struggle to create a
strong national brand and integrate the stores gained in its $11 billion
acquisition of former competitor May Department Stores Co. in 2005.
New Macy’s stores have taken over department stores that were heritage in
some communities and shoppers aren’t taking to the new “stylish” store.
Shoppers of former May Stores complain of higher prices. Some complain of
missing the little things like the bakery in the basement of one of the
stores that always promised great treats. C. Britt Beemer, chairman and
founder of America's Research Group, said research indicates that former May
locations may have lost 10 percent to 20 percent of the shopper base from a
year ago.
So when you have disenchanted your core shopping group what do you do to win
back their hearts and wallets? Two names pop into my head: ex-Jailbird
Martha Stuart and renowned snake oil-salesman/page six mainstay Donald Trump
of course!
Macy’s television campaign beginning next month will feature celebrities,
such as Trump and Stewart, who sell their own branded products at Macy's.
They are seen in the ads primping their departments as if preparing for
customers. Scenes will feature Donald Trump blow-drying his hair and
domestic entrepreneur Martha Stewart constantly rearranging her products.
"This advertising campaign is really about showcasing all of these great
celebrity name brands that fit under this one big roof," Martine Reardon,
executive vice president of corporate marketing for Macy's, said Thursday.
Reardon said the commercials have a humorous, whimsical slant, focusing on
each celebrity's personality and public image.
Let’s take a moment and look at Dorothy from Illinois. Dorothy grew up
shopping at Mays department store and remembers the fresh-baked cookies from
familiar store. Are we to believe that Dot will now shop at Macy’s because
they are aligning themselves with Trump who recently attacked Rosie
O’Donnell saying, “"Rosie O'Donnell is disgusting, I mean, both inside and
out, she talks like a truck driver, she is disgusting”.
In the past, Macy's has focused more on promotions that included ads for
sales and coupons. And the company says that it will not abandon its
traditional advertising. What better way to endear new customers than with
familiar and down-home personas like DONALD TRUMP?
What should Macy’s do? They have invaded tight knit communities and took
away a department store that has been with their families for generations.
It’s not easy, but a slick, star-studded national campaign might not be the
Firstly, Macy’s needs to compartmentalize their advertising. Macys should
compile focus groups of community members where the new stores have cropped
up and find out what is important to these shoppers. What is important to a
shopper in Des Moines, Iowa might differ greatly from someone in Phoenix,
Arizona. Macy’s needs to ingrain themselves within the communities align
with popular charities and make a positive impact within the communities.
Macy’s should support the flashy national campaign with a local campaign
talking about how happy Macy’s is to be in that particular community and
what their plans are to make the community a better place.
Macy’s could set up a message board that allows shoppers of the former
stores to vent to the new Macy’s. What do they miss from their old
department store and what can Macy’s do to win them back as a customer?
Macy’s should address these complaints in local paper ads:
You told us that you missed…. ‘the butterscotch cookies.’
‘Well, we listened and we are bringing them back! Stop by your local Macy’s
store this week and we will be giving away free Butterscotch cookies all
Attack the objections head-on. We know you miss the Marshall Fields where
grandma bought you your first dress. But, we plan on making this department
store a place where you can create new memories. Instead of a swift
overnight change, Macy’s should allow shoppers to mourn the loss of their
old department store and then…get over it, it’s just Macy’s!!