World's Fair 2007 at The Shops At Atlas Park

4 out of 5 bees

theKbuzz hosted a World's Fair focused on the celebration of culture and diversity at The Shops At Atlas Park, just outside of Forest Hills, NY. We had a total of 28 countries represented through booths and/or performances, amazing free food courtesy of Shiro of Japan and Amish Market, great prizes from The Shops at Atlas Park, and over 4,000 people attended over the 4 days. Special congratulations to our 4 performance winners of $1000 as voted by the public in Queens: the Latino hip-hop duo Fusion, the great Italian folk singer Fernando Caruso of Bella Italia Mia, singer/dancer Anthony Rodriguez & La Santa Luz Dancers, and Dancing Crane's Georgian Children's Dance Ensemble "Pesvebi".

We would normally give this fabulous promotion 5 out of 5 bees, but since we did the promo ourselves, we will take one bee off for having this event in August during a heatwave...However, the reason we love this event (other than the fact that we created it) is that it taps into the diversity of Queens county. Diversity is hip, diversity is buzz-worthy, and most importantly, diversity is downright beautiful. It's why most of us New Yorkers choose to live here. And to be standing in the middle of a shopping mall, for goodness sakes, and watching 28 different countries represent themselves in colorful and amazing fashions, well, it was too cool for words.