I'm goin' to buy me a Mercury, cruise up and down this road...

Had my money/ I tell you what I'd do/ I would go downtown/ Buy a Mercury or two/ 'Cause I'm crazy 'bout a Mercury/ Cruise up and down this road -Steve Miller Band

It's shocking to hear one of the largest environmental activist groups in the country promoting an Sports Utility Vehicle, but this one is hybrid. A hybrid SUV sounds like an oxymoron, but even the Sierra Club is praising the new 3,787-pound Mercury Mariner. Elle Magazine, New York Fashion Week, and the Bryant Park "Style Lounge" are working to promote this innovative vehicle to younger female drivers. It's gaining massive hype.

Thomais Zaremba, Lincoln Mercury marketing communications manager, says, "I think [the] Mariner [is] great for a design-savvy environment, as it relates to 'discovery of self' around fashion, yoga, and cuisine. Those are the three Mercury key passion points."

So maybe their marketing team hasn't caught on yet that those are utterly asinine "passion points" for a vehicle manufacturer to have, and that driving SUVs (driving in general) does nothing for the promotion of yoga(!!) (an active lifestyle), but I give this car 3 bees for being possibly the best of its kind on the market. It's still an excessive, unneccesary SUV, but at least it's an attempt to be more environmentally friendly.