I'll have a tall pumpkin spice latte with iTunes, please.

After placing my order at Starbucks last week, the barista asked me, "Do you by any chance like Bob Dylan?" I replied, "Yes! I do." In fact, I have been listening to him almost every day for the past month. He handed me a card that included a promotional code for iTunes to download Dylan's "Jokerman" for free. Cool!

Starbucks is distributing 50 million free "Song of the Day" cards to customers in the United States between October 2nd and November 7th. The free songs are limited to music promoted at Starbucks (John Mayer, Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney, et al).. but that is such a wide variety! In fact, I've only heard good music at the coffee house.

Sure enough, the word is spreading. Media Post sent out an article to its subscribers, and even my mother forwarded me another article with information because she knew I'd love it! This promotion is simple. Drink Starbucks, enjoy good music for free!

I was so excited about this promotion, I went back later that day. Oops, my tired brain didn't realize "Song of the Day" meant I would receive another copy of Bob Dylan's "Jokerman." Anyone need the code? ;)

It's hard for me to justify buying Starbucks unless I'm really tired. But I see no flaws in this campaign because at least I'm getting something cool out of it after I'm done with the coffee. 5 bees!