Making Healthy Food Fun

From Promo Xtra:
"Disney is expanding its licensed fruit and vegetables products and its good-for-you push by launching new character-themed items this fall.

The new line, called Disney Garden, includes Foodles, a combination of fruits, vegetables and sides like dips, raisins, crackers or cheese in a Mickey Mouse-shaped tray.

Another product, Disney Garden Fresh Veggies & Sauce, features cut vegetables with a microwavable sauce. Varieties include Totally Teriyaki Sugar Snap Peas, Sunny Honey Orange Carrot Coins, Threezy Cheezy Broccoli Bites, Lemon Butter Blast Broccoli Bites and Pizzalicious Broccoli Bites.

Offering kids healthy snacking options, Disney is also launching Quick Snacks, fruits and vegetables paired with dips, including carrots and light ranch dressing, or celery and peanut butter. Another new item includes fresh veggies and fruit in ready to eat, individual servings available in sliced apples, carrots, celery or sugar snap peas. "

BRILLIANCE! Pure brilliance, I tell you! I mean, perhaps prior to my becoming a mother I might have not looked twice at this idea, but I must say, if you've never been shopping with a child in a grocery store, it is really something you should experience. You walk up and down the aisles, and anything with a character on it gets a loud "I WANT THAT" from the child.

Supermarkets, well aware of this trend, have long since planned accordingly to increase sales. My favorite unhealthy, evil trick by supermarkets? Placing CANDY directly across from the family staple item of dry cereal!!! So, when you are shopping for cereal, you are forced to be near all of the candy that makes your children America's future fatties. It's outrageous and disgusting, and it works.

Anyway, the idea that Disney had to publicly DUMP McDonalds after years of partnership on Happy Meals is smart enough. Health, weight control, and fitness-- particularly with children, is currently tres buzz-worthy. But Disney took it a step further and created the ultimate combination of health and magic-- busting out their timeless Mickey ear shape and shoving healthy stuff in it.

I can guarantee you I will buy this product. I would buy it for my daughters if I were shopping on my own, and my daughters would request it if we were shopping together. It's the ultimate in feel good buzz....Disney cares about your children-- both their health, and their love of magic.

When I worked at Stop & Shop we had a partnership with Radio Disney. We talked for hours about creating a free "Mickey Cookie" at the Bake Shop for children. Alas, this was before childhood obesity was a hot button. Disney nixed it at the time, refusing to partner with just one retailer. I'm glad the idea has grown to be one that is far more buzz-worthy than creating yet another Mickey sweet tooth item!

Four bees for you!