The Human Flipbook

Traditional advertising is a great way to build brand awareness and reinforce the brand and its image. However, viral marketing can make advertising so much more effective. Erbert & Gerbert is a chain of sandwich shops based in the Midwest. They are rapidly growing and wanted to advertise their company however, they were not willing to spend the average $365,000 for a 30 second TV ad. Problem? Not for Erbert & Gerbert. They came up with an ingenious idea of creating a “Human Flipbook” video. This was done by using stop-motion animation, 150 T-shirts and 150 still images. Two videos were released on YouTube (click to view) three weeks ago, one showing the process of creating the video and the other one just being the video. So far over 450,000 people have viewed the videos. This creative idea saved the company a ton of money and has people talking about the cool video, which translates to people talking about and going to the sandwich chain. I love creative marketing campaigns and this one is very good. If I’m ever in the Midwest, I know where I’m going to get a sub and it’s all because of this video.