A Kraft-y idea, but the coffee's a little weak...

Kraft is celebrating its new revamped version of Maxwell House coffee this Thanksgiving weekend.

First, they are utilizing the busiest travel weekend of the year by selecting toll locations throughout the country, and paying drivers' toll fares between 7 and 9 in the morning. Instead of taking customers money, toll staffers will hand out trial packs of the new Maxwell House coffee. The company will also match each toll paid with a donation to America's Second Harvest (up to $100,000.)

On Black Friday--the busiest shopping day of the year--the company will set up kiosks in 15 malls around the country, to give away free-brewed samples of their coffee to early morning shoppers.

These promotions are both around the concept that MH has created with their national ads-- "Brew Some Good".

So, you ask...what do I think?

Well, here's the thing. The coffee business is booming. And by coffee business, I mean the Starbucks and Dunkin's of the world. (Check out this article to prove my point) Newer, big name brands have come in and taken over the coffee category, and people are getting their coffee on the go instead of home brewing. If they are home brewing, they now have coffee grinds from their favorite trendy coffee hotspots.

Maxwell House. Well, it is what it is. Your mom has it in her freezer. So, while I like the kitchy promotions (I must say however, I think the coffee given out by toll collectors should be BREWED-- I mean, what will anyone do in their car with coffee grinds? Will you remember to bring it home and try it? They are better off sampling in the grocery store in a unique way...at least then the sample goes in the shopping bag and has a better shot of hitting your cupboard as opposed to your local car wash's trash bin.) I think the branding needs a revamp. And "Brew Some Good" means NOTHING to me. For that, they should stick to Good to the last Drop-- after all, I have had grinds in the bottom of my beloved Dunks!

Three bees for ingenuity, but your branding needs some buzzin'!