GAP- A simple brand, a simple concept, a ripe target.

The Gap is known for its preppy, traditional gear. In recent years, sales have dipped, but this brand is still a staple amongst the yuppie moms of the universe. Gap Kids and BabyGap in particular, are hot gift items for the holidays.

Gap launched a national contest in October linked to Kodak and its EasyShare program.
Four winners will be selected: a baby boy and girl for BabyGap and one girl and one boy for Gap Kids. Each will be featured in the windows of Gap stores nationwide next year, win a year’s supply of clothes and earn an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show.

The Gap received 800,000 entries. Um, yeah...800,000 entries for a contest that cost practically nothing to run, and has a prize that is valued at under $5000, really.

Sweepstakes require a consumer to ENTER...which means they require consumers to act. Generally, this is done by just clicking some info through online. Here, they are filling out details, AND selecting photos to send of their children. This takes time and energy. And EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE had the time and energy to do it. What does that mean? It means that Gap has hit a hot button.

Now, to further the fun, they've selected the top twenty finalists, and they are encouraging people to vote for their favorite at their Casting Call section of their website through December 15th.

Now, you've got the parents of these 20 finalists forwarding this site to every tom, dick and harry, saying "Vote for my kid"!

It's so damn simple it hardly seems worth writing about. But sometimes, the simple things are what work. Parents live and die for their children. They love to talk about their children. They love to look at their children. And, undoubtedly, they think that their children are the most beautiful children around! They want to share their children with the world. (Case in point) Add that to all of those stage parents of the world, and you have a really easily executable, hot idea.

I'm not the type of mom who would submit my kids' pictures into this contest. I'm kinda icked by the thought of my children working before they can even read. But I can promise you, when I'm done with this post, I'm going straight to their site to check out the kids. Why? Because I want to look at the kids and say, (just like the old Archie Bunker joke) "These kids are cute, but my Charlotte and Katie are BEAUTIFUL! And I guarantee you, other parents will be doing the same thing.

Four simple bees for the Gap.