I'm "Glad" that Glad Gets Me! (and Hefty too!)

Glad's distribution of appropriate storage bags at Airport Security Sites:
5 out of 5 bees!

Glad, as they say in Boston, is "wicked smaht" with this simple and easily executable promotion designed to create Word of Mouth buzz.

Who has not been affected by the "3-1-1" rule since its creation in 2006? You know, that nifty little clause that limits your carry-on liquids and gels to threeounce bottles in one, one quart clear storage bag? Thousands upon thousands of liquid stuff, including breast milk, bottled watter, hair gel, and mouthwash.

Well Glad took notice, and as David Kellis, a spokesperson for the Glad Products Co. division of The Clorox Company, told CNNMoney.com: "It's rare that a new government regulation ends up requiring your product to be used."

Both Glad, and their chief competitor Hefty have been providing airports with one quart bags to airports that have requested them for the past 15 months. They recognize the importance of this customer convenience: "By the end of this year, this program will have touched the lives of millions of travelers, enabling us to help ease the stresses of air travel," comments John Schwab, senior vice president/general manager for Hefty Consumer Products.

Both Hefty and Glad recognize the WOM factor of this...since there is clearly a consumer frustration and a need, and they are working hard to meet that need. Stepping it up even FURTHER, Glad reps will be on SITE at some of the major airports to personally distribute the bags. That, if done correctly, will create the ULTIMATE WOM.

Bag manufacturers are far from alone in finding opportunities in the 3-1-1 regulations. Procter & Gamble, Unilever and other personal-products marketers quickly recognized the need to fill the demand for three-ounce or smaller versions. That's lovely, but have any of those companies considered sampling their products at the airport? How about just giving away empty 3oz bottles with their logo on it, and a label to write what's in each bottle? Smaht. Wicked, Wicked smaht.