The Single Greatest Word-of-Mouth Phenomena is...

The Turkey. Think about it. No, I haven't done research on just how many brand mentions the turkey gets. I haven't seen a Keller Fay study on the popularity of the word "turkey" today. But would anyone argue with me about this?

My 4-year old daughter has been studying turkeys in preschool for 3 weeks now. I have probably had 50 conversations with friends and family in the last few days in which turkey was mentioned. And today, well, 46 million turkeys will be eaten and enjoyed at tables throughout the country. I'd have to estimate that a number like that would generate at least 200 million or so conversations mentioning the turkey, today alone.

I googled "turkey association" to find out just what marketing geniuses were behind this phenomena. Surely it can't be totally organic- there must be a great marketer behind such a popular promotion and phenomena, right?

Right. Aha, look what I found: The National Turkey Federation. These guys have got recipes, ideas, and even the best slogan I've seen in a while: Turkey: The perfect protein. They even hold an annual conference at which they discuss the state of the union, of turkeys that is. The title of the marketing workshop at this year's conference? Keeping Turkey Top of Mind in a Competitive Environment.

Great job, National Turkey Federation. I tip my cap to you for a job well done. And I'll be eating, enjoying, and talking about turkey all day, and probably all weeekend.

Happy Thankgiving from thekbuzz. :-)