Are You A Legend?

Every movie released now has a website to go along with it, many of which are interactive. I have never seen a movie website that seems as cool as the new Will Smith thriller/action flick, I Am Legend. The movie's premise is about a scientist (Smith) who is the last remaining man on Earth due to a terrible virus that has wiped out the population. Smith's character is somehow immune to the virus and is searching for other survivors. Mutant victims of the virus lurk at night, waiting for Smith to make a wrong move. He is mankind's last hope and the only thing that keeps him motivated to survive is finding a cure for the virus using his own blood.

Back to my main point. I thought this movie looked pretty decent but wasn't sure if I would see if or not. Last night, I was bored and decided to see what the movie's website was like and boy was I surprised to see how chock full of interactive fun stuff there was. In my opinion, the coolest part of the website is the Survival Game.

The game is "a multiplayer first-person shooter / RPG game playable in the 3D virtual world Second Life. The game transports players into an eerie replica of over 60 acres of New York City set in the chaotic year preceding the movie, I Am Legend." There is also a survival squad tournament challenge that lasted from Nov. 30th- Dec. 3rd. I got to go check out the Second Life game version, the video clips look sick.

This interactive format keeps movie goers engaged and gets them thinking about how good this movie will be. I know I will definitely go see Legend, because if the website is this good, the movie must be pretty good as well.

Warner Bros. this is a great job of using interactive marketing, kudos to you, very cool stuff. 4.5 bees out of 5.

Anyone know of any other cool interactive movie sites, past or present? Leave some comments.