Baseball Wedding vs. Bathroom Wedding...

Charmin Wedding in Times Square:

Let me preface this by saying that I was married on a baseball field, in front of 5000 screaming fans. Let me also say that there was a MAJOR sponsor tie-in. Let me ALSO say that I am helping my friend get married by Kathy Griffin on her hit television show. I know from publicity stunts and weddings. But this... now this, I was not prepared for.

Here it is, direct from the AP:
"NEW YORK—Here comes the bride, all dressed in white … two-ply, extra soft toilet paper. Lovebirds Jennifer Cannon and Doy Nichols of Lexington, Ky., plan to get hitched today in a public restroom. She'll be wearing a gown fashioned from glue, tape and Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong toilet tissue. The intricately detailed dress was designed by Hanah Kim, winner of the 2007 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, sponsored by The wedding ceremony, to be attended by family and friends, will take place in Times Square at the Charmin Restrooms — temporary, free public restrooms, a company spokeswoman said yesterday."

When people complained that my "sponsored wedding" interfered with the "sanctity of marriage", I laughed. First of all, my sponsors were tied into a ballpark "promotion"...and my actual ceremony (the part that is so in need of "sanctity") was simple, beautiful, and sponsor-free. Second of all, I wondered aloud if it destroys the "sanctity" of marriage to upcharge poor young brides for things like gift card boxes, favors, and other unnecessary items. Still, some said that my marriage was doomed because it was entrepreneurial in nature....instead of being all about the "love" that a typical wedding brings.

And then, my friends...I got a call from my husband telling me that he is headed to the Charmin Bathroom in Times Square to watch some chick get married in a toilet paper dress.

As far as I'm concerned, a place where people doody is NOT where a marriage should take place. I realize, of course, that this is the choice of the couple-- perhaps they enjoy the bathroom, and want to celebrate their union amongst the sparkling clean Times Square Charmin space. I get that this is Charmin's position-- and believe me, I LOVE the Charmin Times Square bathroom concept. However, this is a stunt that takes it too far.

But wait? People said the same thing about my wedding? Am I becoming an Emily Post? Am I the new Carley Roney-- who thought my wedding was distasteful? Oh no, it's my worst nightmare!!! But wait...this is not about etiquette. This is about hygiene. No matter how clean the bathroom. It's just hygiene. Plain and simple.

No one wants to think about someone getting married in a bathroom. It's getting a lot of press, because it is a stunt. But it is simply gross. The brand position: The bathroom is clean enough to get married in. The brand perception: Charmin will do anything to get their name out there, including manipulating some Kentucky couple with promises of a free wedding if they sell their souls to Charmin.

I got married on a ballfield. Modell's could not have paid me enough to put on a sports jersey and walk down the aisle. Why? Because, despite my creative willingness to think outside the box in order to make my dreams happen, I wouldn't sacrifice my actual wedding. Maybe Jennifer really dreamed of a TP wedding dress. Maybe she is getting a big NYC wedding reception courtesy of Charmin. Perhaps Charmin should have considered doing her dress, decorating a more traditional, hygenic space in TP, and then doing a photo shoot at the restroom. Whatever the case, I think that it's a branding/hygienic mismatch. Doody and weddings don't mix. Period.

Then again, I am talking about it, spreading the buzz.
Three bad bees.

PS. Either way, good luck to the couple. May you survive the bad press and enjoy your wedding and your lives together. Seriously! :)