Anyone can become a celebrity

It upsets me to even mention his name but Kevin Federline actually had some success last year. Nobody knew his name a few years back but after dating, marrying , having children with, and divorcing Britney Spears he has been in every tabloid every single week. We read these tabloids, keep him in the public eye and ultimately created a brand out of him. Now everyone knows who he is. Brands have used him to advertise clothes, he acted on CSI, the WWE has used him in a couple of their shows, and last year he was even used in a SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL. Yup the grand daddy of all commercial spots, he actually booked it.

This brings me to the meat of my post. The Insurance company Nationwide used Kevin as the "celebrity" in their commercial as a fast food worker day dreaming that he was a rapper. I've watched the commercial and I have to admit that it is actually funny because he is making fun of himself. I know that I'm not the only one that thought it was interesting because this commercial was the year's most successful celebrity Super Bowl spot. It was reported that this ad created 8x more buzz than any of the other Super Bowl ads. He beat out Jessica Simpson's Pizza Hut ad and Cheryl Crow's Revlon spot. These commercials were flat because they followed the traditional patterns of a celebrity commercial. Nothing was new, nothing was memorable.
What also created a lot of buzz what that the National Restaurant Association did not like how Kevin portrayed fast food workers. So then, of course Kevin apologized, thus giving even more media attention to Nationwide. Not even fast food workers want to be associated with this guy. It's sad that no one likes him but they still put him in the spotlight. Since we created a brand out of him, he doesn't care what we think of him because he's making big bucks. Hopefully celebrities and brands doing Super Bowl Ads this year or any ads in general take a page from Kevin. It's better to make to take yourself lightly, even to make fun of yourself, than do a standard boring commercial. It just gets people buzzing.

Federline and Nationwide: 3 out of 5 bees