Double Stuffed with Laughter...on Youtube

There's nothing more memorable than a commercial that makes you laugh. It raises brand awareness, gets people talking and, most importantly, for a moment make you feel like your not just watching an advertisement. With the Superbowl coming up, once again it is going to be all about the commercials. The difference is, this year, instead of just watching the commercials on t.v. during the Superbowl, you can catch the buzz weeks earlier through Youtube and other video-sharing sites.

I was surfing youtube the other day and came upon this Oreo commercial featuring Eli and Payton Manning, two of the most genuinely marketable athletes in professional sports, not only for their reputation but for the genuine big brother little brother chemistry they display. An example of this can be seen below.

The commercial starts off on a serious captivating note and then takes a completely different turn. While the idea of making a funny commercial is not something necessarily new, I found this particular one buzz worthy for it's choice of celebrity endorsement, great timing on the theme and just being genuinely funny. Most important, it's distribution channel: tv alone isn't enough anymore, even for the here it is, on youtube, in all of its glory, at a cost of $0 to its makers. Check it out.

4 Bees for "Did you see that?". DSRL for life baby!