Filling up the (think) tank

I gotta be honest, I'm not a big fan of television advertisements. I can recall the days of my youth spent watching Saturday morning cartoons and being mesmerized by TV and all the messages being sent to me by it. Since then I have grown into a digital age where computers and the Internet have overshadowed traditional media both in interest and advertisement effectiveness. However, I was getting gas at a local station near my house when I found myself doing something which made me completely rethink my opinion on traditional tv advertising: I was watching TV at the gas pump. Gas Station TV, a start up company in Michigan, is bringing LCD TV to gas pumps. On top of topping off, consumers will be filled up with news, sports and of course 15 second advertisements. Customers spend an average of 4 minutes at the pump, which allows about 4-6 advertisements to pass by concisely with shots of news in between without feeling like complete ad nauseum. While filling up I caught the recap of the latest Knick game (not that I was holding my breath on the result), the latest news and even the weather which I found the most helpful of all, sprinkled with little ad spots in between.
Kudos for thinking outside of the box while still working within the parameters. If people are not watching TV at home then maybe its not the medium we need to reconsider but rather the location location location. Here at thekbuzz, we have worked with Ads on Feet and I have experienced firsthand the effectiveness of bringing TV spots outside of the home in places that are more convenient for patrons to view. Also, since it is illegal to leave your car while it is being filled with gasoline, customers are not left with a lot of options. This not only increases advertisement effectiveness but is also great way for customers to feel captivated, not simply captive- A welcome distraction from bad weather gas pumping. Bring tv (and tv advertising) into places people would not mind watching ....DMV TV anyone? 4 bees for being non traditionally traditional.