Get Me A Whopper!

As part of the Whooper’s 50th anniversary in existence, Burger King did something very different in paying homage to the chain’s best selling menu item. BK shot a video campaign entitled “Whooper Freakout”. The commercial was shot in a reality/documentary style where hidden cameras capture customer’s reactions and they then gave testimonial responses to a camera after they were asked how they felt that the Whooper was no longer being served.

When customers ordered their beloved Whooper, they were surprised to hear the cashier inform them that they no longer serve the burger. Consumer’s reactions ranged from shocked and bewildered to irritated and angry, with some customer’s going so far as to ask for the manager. New commercials were introduced recently, which showed the same scenario, but, the only difference was at the end of the commercial, the famous face of the Burger King franchise, the King, came to the rescue with the desired Whooper and everyone shares a laugh about the situation.

According to Advertising Age, the campaign by Crispin Porter and Bogusky is pulling the highest advertising recall numbers in ever logged by IAG Research in the six years that the metrics firm has been tracking the audience response to TV commercials.

All in all, this is a very good marketing campaign for Burger King. The commercials are very well thought out and the recall numbers are the highest they have ever been. Hopefully for Burger King’s sake, high recall will lead to high revenue.

Four Bees for Burger King