Go GoDaddy, Go!!! A Touchdown for GoDaddy.com

Here's how it happened:
In 2005, GoDaddy.com wants to advertise on the Superbowl, and creates a parody of a "wardrobe malfunction", referencing the 2004 embarrassment of Janet Jackson's exposed boobie. Fox pulls the ad after it airs once, GoDaddy then airs it on their site. GoDaddy claims that their sales jumped after the single airing of the commercial-- and its market share of the new domain names subsequently ballooned from 16% to 25%.

They continue this racy strategy by creating ads each year that get rejected, and then airing them online, all while airing a single approved ad on the Superbowl.

Cut to 2008.
GoDaddy.com creates an ad to air during the Superbowl starring racing superstar Danica Patrick. They use the word "beaver", and feature animatronic Beavers to cover their butts, just in case someone suspects that "beaver" might have an alternative connotation. They also produce two other ads.

Fox, uncomfortable with all this "beaver talk", rejects the ad and revises the other two.

GoDaddy.com CEO and Founder Bob Parsons cleverly retorts: “Call me old fashioned, but I believe in America it’s ridiculous to have to refer to a beaver by something other than its real name.”

GoDaddy.com decides to take the second (non beaver)ad, entitled "Spot On", and revise it further to drive people to their website to see the Superbowl ad, which will air once on Game Day ONLY.

Why is GoDaddy brilliant? Well, aside from the fact that they have the best customer service in the industry (I speak from personal experience here), they have figured out a way to spend money on a single spot, have tremendously high recall value on that spot, create buzz around the controversy-- AND, most importantly, drive people to their place of business...their WEBSITE!

theKbuzz doesn't mind traditional advertising, as long as it's well placed and memorable. This is a perfect mix of traditional and non-traditional media....GO GODADDY GOOOOOOOOOO!