IKEA's Newest Resident: A Great Comedian, Without a Cause?

Mark Malkoff is a New York-based comedian and filmmaker. While he has enjoyed moderate success in the past, he is a currently an audience coordinator for The Colbert Report (my favorite televsion show, incidentally, but that's another story) and his greatest success is probably last year's successful viral video in which he visited all 171 Starbucks in Manhattan, NY in one day.

So when his apartment had to be fumigated for a week recently, Mark decided to make the best of the situation, called IKEA and asked if he could stay over, for a week. Well the store in Paramus, NJ said yes, and mark "moved in" and is currently living there for the remainder of this week. Of course he is shooting video, uploading to youtube every day, and even has created a website for the project, marklivesinikea.com.

The project is attracting a great deal of attention, for Mark and for IKEA. This Associated Press piece is one of 262 articles already according to Google, and I heard about it on 1010 WINS radio, the most listened to radio station in New York. If Mark and IKEA's goals are to attract attention, then they're certainly doing it.

What I'm not convinced about is the marketing value of this project, for Mark or for IKEA. Will it lead to increased excitement about going to IKEA, or increased sales? There's no way Starbucks could've paid him for his project from last year- so I'm assuming Mark wasn't paid for this project by IKEA or an agency- if this is true, then will Mark achieve his goals here? Will a network give him his own show?

Well I'm no TV Network, but I do own a buzz marketing agency, and I've already emailed Mark inquiring about working with us. He is clearly a very talented guy, and with the right business and marketing expertise, could be a big part of a major campaign.

Ikea: 3 out of 5 bees.
Mark: 4 out of 5 bees.