In the Knick of Time

I have been a die hard NY Knicks fan, but the way they have been playing lately makes me want to die........hard. In the post Patrick Ewing era, the Knicks have gone from one of the toughest, no-nonsense, get the job done teams to one of the worst teams in the league complete with a media circus and a delerious ringmaster insisting this is all part of the plan. I am frustrated with the Knicks. I wish there was a way I could stylishly express this troubling trend to all the other Knicks fans and let ringmaster Thomas and everyone else know where I stand. Enter Ivan Cash, a Knicks loyalist turned vendor. His product: Fire Isaiah merchandise. He's got a fire Isaiah hat, decals, bumper stickers and even a t-shirt all for sale on his website I love this idea, not only because of my personal connection with the message but for Mr. Cash taking advantage of a market with no supply. With the Knicks current situation and with fans screaming and protesting for a new coaching situation (I'm looking at you Mr. Ewing) why not turn this into an opportunity to make some money and give the fans a chance to express themselves. The timing could not be any more secure. Much like a surfer riding a perfect wave, Mr. Cash is taking advantage of a current trend and enjoying the benefits of good timing. He has received praise throughout from loyal Knicks fans and even garnered attention from the Daily News, among other newspaper publications. Even major television networks such as CW11 & ABC. In the words of Mr. Cash's website, "Don't hate the player or the game......hate the coach". Love it. 5 Bees for timing, marketing and entrepreneurship. Buzz marketing at it's finest.