Steve and Barry's: Using Celebrities, Without Wasting Money on TV or Radio

Steve and Barry's is back in the news again, featured December 28th in Promo Magazine. The article discusses their brilliant use of celebrities in creating their own exclusive lines, and then appearing in-store to promote then.

Without using television or radio spending, they have now successfully launched lines from Stephon Marbury, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda Bynes and Venus Williams, with surfer Laird Hamilton in the works for Spring. Each celebrity and line has his/her own microsite, and they use email blasts and store signage to promote appearances, and these alone are generating hundreds and sometimes thousands of fans in store to meet their favorite celebrities (and buy their lines at Steve and Barry's!)

We at thekbuzz have blogged about Steve and Barry's before. I just love their strategy so much I had to mention it again. 5 bees from me. Get yourself a baseball player not on steroids to build a line, and I'll be there to meet him (and buy his entire line up of clothes).