The Little Apple That Could

Ok guys do you remember when Windows was the biggest thing in computers ever and if you had an Apple you were looked down upon on? Apple was once considered a dead brand. No one wanted to buy it because what was the point right? Everyone had a PC and if you had an Apple NOTHING was compatible. Well those days a long gone. Apple is now a booming brand thanks to Steve Jobs and the invention of the iPod.
When the iPod came out it was the hottest thing on the market. It was way better than any other MP3 player out there. After that, their computers were hot. Having any kind of Apple computer is perceived nowadays as this cool thing to have. I recently received a MacBook for Christmas and I must admit that I am absolutely in love with it. I thought having a Mac would be like learning a whole new language but when I started playing around with it it really is simple. It has all the oldies but goodies I need like Microsoft office and new programs that are a blast like iLife.
What made me want a Mac for Christmas? Well they have absolutely genius marketing. I fell for their really well done product placement. Every movie or TV in which they are using a computer has that little Apple symbol. Even in real life the product placement is crazy. Every club I go to the DJ is getting his music off his Mac or iPod. When I go to interviews or my friend's houses you already know what kind of computer I see sitting on their desks.
However what I think is more powerful are their commercials. In this day and age no one likes to watch commercials. We either flip the channel or get up to use the bathroom. But if you mention if they had seen the latest Apple commercial everyone knows what you are talking about. Why is that? Well I think I have the answer to that in one word. It's MEMORABLE. What I think is memorable is the fact that it is funny. People relate and are attracted to things that are funny. It keeps your attention. If it was boring then consumers would just change the channel. But no people stay tuned to those commercials that start off with "Hello I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC." These commercials have become so popular that the actors themselves have become pseudo-celebrities. They come out with about 2 commercials a month and each commercial is fun, catchy, and informing. They don't drill the information they are trying to give you into your head. You retain it all on your own. Each commercial has a reason why they are better than a PC and if you remember and talk about the commercial then you are remembering why they are better. Some facts that I remember from the commercials are that they don't get any viruses, their new operating system Leopard is faster than Windows Vista, and most ironically Macs are proven to run Vista faster than PCs.
I don't think I have a bias vote. I think I am just telling the facts. I have used Windows for most of my life and I liked it, but once I got my MacBook I just fell head over heels in love with it. Speaking of love Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I don't know what would make a better gift.
5 Bees or should I say "Apples" for the Mac's marketing