A Little Too Much

If you're in NYC, then I guarantee you have seen this little man. He's been on your TV, he's been on your subway ride, he's at your bus stop.... and as I type this, he's on my radio.

If not, here's a little information. Produced by DDB Needham for the NY State Lottery, this little man dubbed "Little bit o' luck" is informing people you don't need much to win Take 5. 1 in 9 people win everyday, with over 100,000 winners each drawing. The subway posters cleverly mock situations NYC straphangers are all too familiar with... missing the train, sitting next to unpleasant people on the train, stepping on gum, etc. According to him, you have better chances of winning Take 5 than catching a train.

I have never thought about the lottery this much until this little man has appeared. Increasing awareness of the Take 5 is something they've done successfully. Irritating me at every stop of my commute is something they've perfected. It was funny at first, now it's just creepy. This ad has made its point and was effective the first few times. Now that it has sunk in... I'm wondering how much luck I need to go a day without a "Little bit o' luck" in my life. I think I'll have more luck dating a supermodel.