Burrito Fiesta

While "The Atlas Solution” is injecting money back into the consumer economy, fast-food powerhouse McDonalds is injecting food back into consumer’s stomach.

In yesterday’s adage online, Emily York reports that on the dates of February 28 and 29, McDonalds will give away a reported 2 million McSkillet Burritos. Upon purchase of a medium or large drink, the consumer will be offered a free breakfast burrito. According to McDonald’s spokeswoman Shanelle Armstrong she reported that the breakfast burrito has “performed well” but “sampling is critical to [McDonalds].” McDonalds wants the product to reach the consumers in a large abundance. They also hope this will also draw consumers to buy more items and create a larger customer retention base. I know if thousands of people are getting free breakfast burritos, they will certainly be talking about it at work.

If this promotion can match the success of “Free Coffee Mondays,” it could be very profitable for McDonalds. The coffee giveaway has prompted McDonalds to become one of the top coffee competitors along with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. With the coffee success and this recent giveaway, McDonalds is showing consumers how they are striving for breakfast dominance in the fast-food market.