Jenny's Digital Diet

When you hear the word diet; what do you tend to think of? Does it involve running to the store to buy nutritious, low calorie foods and then manually tracking your daily food intake? Does it involve weighing yourself on a daily basis? Five years ago this might have been the only sufficient answer but in today’s world the contemporary method to dieting is changing

Weight-loss industry conglomerate Jenny Craig is drawing consumer attention to online media. According to John LaRosa, research director at Marketdata Enterprises, he states that “Internet and home-delivery diets are the fastest growing segments of the market.” Online consumers can go on the website to view commercials, read dieting blogs, and download weight-loss plans such as exercise plans and calorie counters.

Included on the Jenny Craig Website is the “Jenny Direct Program.” This program offers home delivery of food products so consumers do not have to dedicate a lot of time researching the right foods to buy. The program also provides long distance counseling and e-tools that help track the consumer’s weight progress.

Thanks to efforts from industries such as Jenny Craig, the success to dieting is now one easy click away!

We actually have a weight loss client ourselves at thekbuzz, Dr. Joanna Dolgoff. Specializing in child weight loss, she recently founded The Lighter Weigh. Since she's working with us, we not only helped put her online, we put her on google and facebook, and we're helping market her through 3rd party partnerships, doing workshops at schools and community centers. Who knows, maybe she could be the next Jenny Craig?