Nascar On A New Road To Success

If this is what you imagine Nascar fans look like, then maybe you're right. What you probably didn't know, was that Nascar fans are "high-tech oriented", according to Bill Morgan, senior vice president for corporate marketing at Sprint Nextel.

Traditionally, Nascar reaches out to their audience through television, radio, and print. But to make sure they are connecting with fans on a different level, the internet has been a new source for their marketing. Studies show Nascar fans often go to the internet for more in depth Nascar info.

To make sure they are engaging these technologically savvy Nascar fans, they have set up a variety of platforms with new media.

The internet and its endless possibilities may be a dark unknown place, forcing some companies and organizations to shy away from it. Steve Phelps, CMO at Nascar in Daytona Beach, said in regards to the effort to introduce new marketing techniques, "If we don't do that we're going to miss the boat." I believe he sums it up perfectly.

Four Bees for Nascar taking the road less traveled.