Nintendo Aims to Get People Moving and Connecting

Nintendo Entertainment System, when it came out in 1985, marked the birth of the video game industry. With new and improved products coming out every couple of years, Nintendo now attracts tens of millions of gamers worldwide.

With social networking and exercising become two important concerns for Americans today, Nintendo has a new marketing strategy in mind. As mentioned on, Nintendo reached out to sports fans by creating a Fan Network. Launched in the Seattle Mariners’ Safeco Field, the Nintendo Fan Network Software allows people to connect with others, order food and drinks, watch videos, and get stats and player info during games. If you have paid the five dollars to download this software, you can order hot dogs, ice cream, and soda while you are sitting in your seat and watching your favorite player. Not only does the Fan Network let sports fans gain information about players and stats, but it also allows fans to connect with each other during games.

Weight Watchers, Bally Total Fitness, Jenny Craig were getting all the limelight, and Nintendo wanted a piece of the action. So, Nintendo has decided to launch an exercise game later this year called Wii Fit. Many a time, through these weight loss programs people have to compromise relaxation, and entertainment time. However, with Wii Fit, people will be able to lose weight and enjoy themselves.

Is Nintendo confused? On one hand Nintendo is facilitating and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, but on the other Nintendo is promoting laziness. Yes, you may say it is convenient, ordering what you want without having to move, and not missing any play in the game, but does this really support Nintendo’s idea of creating a healthy gamer?

Will America start social networking at sporting events, and losing weight through Nintendo? We’ll just have to wait and see.